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If You Have Grandparents In Southern California They Might Be Using Meth

Baby Boomers Gone Wild.

Woman Calls Police To Complain That Her Meth Is Laced With ‘Something’, Is Promptly Arrested

Wait...the police DON'T handle meth purity issues?

What’s That Sound, Ghosts? A Wild Animal? Nah, Just A Rampaging Meth Head Hiding Under Your Bed With A Butcher Knife

Shitting bricks in 3, 2, 1...

Woman Gets Caught With A Pound Of Meth In Her Vag, Immediately Claims ‘That’s Not Mine’

You mean that's NOT where meth is supposed to go?

Town Sheriff AKA King Of YOLO Violates His Probation AGAIN So He Can Have Meth Sex With Younger Dudes

He's 71 years old, better get bonin' before imminent death.

This Guy Was Arrested For Stalking A Couple. Why? Because They Were Aliens In A Spaceship, Duh.

Meth. Not even once.

Handcuffed Man High on Meth Shoots Cops With Gun Hidden in Butt

What would you do in that situation?

You’ll Never Guess What Police Arrested This Senior Citizen For

Hint: it begins with "M" and ends with "eth".

Portland Man, Dressed in Bulletproof Underpants, Arrested For Using Blowtorch to Break Into ATM

A Portland, Oregon man is in jail after having been arrested for trying to cut into an ATM with a blow torch.

Things Get Weird When Brother and Sister Arrested for Meth Starting Making Out In Jail

Meth: Never once.

‘Breaking Bad’ IRL Alert: Meth Cook Busted Wearing a ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ Shirt

It’s a glorious day: Liberal Arts students can finally STFU about whether life imitates art or art imitates life. We’ve […]

Man on Meth Fights Off 15 Cops While Jacking Off

This is why you don't write end of the year lists until the actual end of the year. 

British Man Dies After Drinking $54,000 Worth of Liquid Meth Hidden As Fruit Drink

Good for him, because otherwise, Gustavo Fring would have murdered the shit out of him. 

Did Walter White Cause The Zombie Apocalypse in ‘The Walking Dead?’

What brought about the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead? Could it have been a bad batch of Walter White's meth? This video's theory is too good

Which Breaking Bad Characters Are Going to Die?

With one of the most epic, violent series' in television history reaching its aggressive tipping point, we thought we'd take a

A Real Man Named Walter White Is Wanted for Manufacturing Meth

Walter White exists in real life, folks—and he's really a meth manufacturer.

Naked Man Covered in Crisco Arrested by Cops Just Wanted to Party

The best part about local newspapers is the police blotter. The world is full of people who make interesting choices. This guy is certainly one

Need to Smuggle a Sh*t Ton of Meth? Grab a Snickers

While it was certainly nice of this man to come up with such an inventive version of such a timeless candy bar, the authorities apparently

Man Dies from Meth Lab Explosion in Nursing Home

I guess Social Security checks aren't paying the bills these days, so the elderly are jumping into the meth game.

Take a Wild Guess What This Couple Likes to Do in Their Spare Time

Conventional wisdom (along with the corroborating report) tells me that their appearances are drug induced but that guy's eye looks like it froze that way