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The 15 Most Wildly Patriotic Items You Can Buy on eBay, Because ‘MERICA!

Oh say can you see...all these American items from eBay?

Florida Man Painted His House to be a Gigantic American Flag, Terrible People Don’t Like It

Gettin' mighty dusty in here from all the patriotism.

This Cheesy Country Song Will Convince You the United States Will Win the World Cup

Song of songs.

This Unreal POV Cam Shows What It Looks Like to Fly with the USAF Thunderbirds

Ride of this guy's effing life.

This Epic Video of Military Humvees Deploying From a Plane Went Viral Again, Because ‘MERICA

Almost three years ago I posted an incredible video of military humvees paracuting out of a C-17 Globemaster III. Because 'MURICA), that kickass video has go

Nation’s Oldest Veteran Smokes Cigars, Takes Whiskey with Morning Coffee, Is Awesome

Richard Overton fought in the South Pacific in World War II. He was 35 when Pearl Harbor was hit and 39 when the war ended, which puts him

F-22 Raptor Pulls Badass ‘Top Gun’ Move on Iranian Fighter Jet, Because ‘Merica

Fighter pilots are the rock stars of the military, in that they are as flashy as they are skilled, and this most recent display of dominance

Never Forget…

Nearly 3,000 people died 12 years ago on this very day, and thousands more died trying to avenge those deaths and protect our country overseas.

Aaron Rodgers Went America All Over Everyone’s Ass

Aaron Rodgers loves football and burgers, so you know he’s all about America. The Green Bay Packers quarterback showed up to a team event yesterday

Watch a Bald Eagle Crash Into a Window During Oral Roberts’ Chapel Service

Oral Roberts University is a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based evangelical college that just got together to celebrate the new semester, as any good lovers of 'Merica would:

The 50 Most Patriotic Beers in America

Busch Camo Cans and Yuengling Lager, please...

This Man is America: Watch a Guy in Flag T-Shirt Tackle Escaped Inmate

A 6-foot-4, 320-pound behemoth of a man, dressed in an American flag T-shirt, tackled an escaped convict at a small general store in rural Ohio

People Should be Afraid at How Much You Love America

It’s the Fourth of July. It’s a day for cramming your face with barbecue, consuming a scary amount of domestic beer,

Here’s Video of the Spire Traveling to the Top of the New World Trade Center

The photos from One World Trade Center's crowning a few days were inspiring as hell. A spire, raised 1,776 symbolic feet in the air, capped off

A Bald Eagle Snatched a Fish from a Hapless Man’s Fly Line, Because America

The fish is Kim Jong Un. The bald eagle is America. Any questions? 

12 Million Americans Believe in Lizard People, and Other Slightly Frightening Stats

Public Policy Polling is a group of political surveyors that isn't afraid to cut loose, presumably light a joint, and think up some really weird

‘MURICA: Tornadoes Better Not F*ck with Georgia Lineman Watts Dantzler

How's the weather in your neck of the woods? Unseasonably warm? Cold? Stormy? Right now there's a nasty string of tornadoes pillaging Alabama and Georgia.

5 States That Secretly Control the Rest of America

You probably already know that New York is the center of all things fashionable, LA sets the standard for the movie industry, and we look

The Best Athlete from Every State

What's the best talent from your state? Some dudes on this list may surprise you. 

What Bad Economy? America Cheapest Place in the World for Beer Drinkers

The economy may be in tatters, but America does lead the world in one thing—it's the best place to get a beer in the world.

America Ranks Second in ‘Internet Freedom.’ Guess Who’s First?

Given that we secured the ever-elusive cocaine victory earlier this week, I'm pretty ok with this. 

‘The Birth of a Tool (Axe Making by Hand)’ Will Reunite You with Your Manhood

Says one astute YouTube commenter, "Why is a video about turning molten metal into a weapon trying to seduce me? More importantly, why is it

Introducing the ‘One-Up America’ Meme: I’m Sorry, I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of My Freedom

Last year, Great Britain hosted the Royal Wedding, an event that was supposed to dominate the papers for weeks to come. The United States killed

‘Epic Meal Time’ Celebrates the 4th with an American Flag Made Entirely of Meat

The guys at "Epic Meal Time" are celebrating the 4th in style, equipped with disgustingly awesome amounts of bacon, meat, and mashed potatoes. This video

Want Some Sick Tanks Free of Charge? Enter the Brash Brothers Photo Caption Contest!

In the spirit of July 4th, 'Merica, and all things beer and brats, we at Brash Brothers think its only right for you to kick