For $46,000 You Can Own This Car Key—Not The Car, Just The Jewel Encrusted Key


Do I even need to bother telling you that these jewel-encrusted car keys are all the rage in the UAE, as if there's anywhere else in the world where something like this could possibly exist.


Your Ex Is Nothing Compared To This Girl Who Black Sharpied All Over Her Cheating Boyfriend’s White Mercedes


In honor of all the college kids getting ready to skip their Wednesday classes so they can go home a day early and forget about school for an extra 24 hours, here's a math problem as a casual reminder that HA-HA, you're still in school: Angry ex-girlfriend + black sharpie + Mercedes = a really fucking awful day.

mercedes benz

HOT NEW KATE UPTON ALERT: Kate Upton Washes a Mercedes-Benz CLA in Slow Motion


Introducing the video that will bring the Internet to its knees today: A heavenly minute and a half of Kate Upton washing a car in ultra slow-motion.

Women drivers

Two Blondes Crash a Bentley Azure Into a Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche, and Aston Martin in Monaco


I promise you this isn't the set up for a lame blonde joke your uncle would tell at a picnic.

twitter powered mercedes

VIDEO: German Engineers Test Drive Mercedes-Benz SLS Controlled by a Twitter Feed


First someone invents a dorm room robot that fires ice cold beer cans from an iPhone.


Our 7 Favorite Sports Cars from the North American International Auto Show


This week, I was lucky enough to return home to the great state of Michigan and check out the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

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