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10 Things Men Do That Make Them Feel Like a Man

Masculinity can be defined rather simply as a set of qualities, characteristics or roles generally considered typical to a boy or man (thanks for the

Are You Part Of the 30% Of Men Who Don’t Know The 5 Ways To Please Women In Bed? Check Out This Survey To Find Out

No one's perfect, but forreal you can probably do better.

The Dude Who Predicted Metrosexuals Says Spornosexuals Are Next

Mark Simpson sees the future.

Good News, Bros! The Washington Post Says Domestic Abuse Is Not Our Fault

I mean, if it's in print media...

This Is a Video About a German Man Who Lost His Virginity to His Dog

... alright.

Jim Harbaugh Took on A Walrus in a Push-Up Contest, Because Jim Harbaugh Is a Man Who Backs Down From Nothing

And nary an Andy Reid joke was made.

A Comprehensive Analysis of Cosmo’s ‘20 Guys To Avoid In Your Twenties’

Last week, Cosmopolitan Magazine's Anna Breslaw published a list of men who are responsible for making every woman's twenties miserable.

50 Ways to Bore, Irritate, or Confuse a Man

This list is hilarious. 

VIDEO: What If Women Liked Football More Than Men?

This has me cracking up. 

Men Are Uptalking Now? Which Is Talking Like This? Which Is Annoying?

There once was a time, not too long ago, when the most horrifying vocal tic was the "vocal fry." This is when a young woman

Science Finds Women Don’t Orgasm in Hookup Culture Because They Have Feelings and Men Are Dicks

Breaking stuff from The New York Times today: College-aged women aren't getting off. 

This Is What the Average American Male Looks Like

U-S-A. U-S-A. U-S- Interesting graphic here from artist Nickolay Lamm, the man behind the Body Measurement Project. According to The Atlantic, the average U.S. male aged 30-39

Brett Favre is More Man Than You’ll Ever Be, Reports Brett Favre’s Agent

Brett Favre back?

Bet You Didn’t Plan on Watching a Dude Park a Backhoe Today

A man’s worth is solely determined by how well he operates machinery. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. By that standard, this fella is the

10 Reasons Why Girls Think Bros Are Strange

Last week our girl across the pond, Emily Hartridge, counted down 10 Reasons Why Women Are Strange. Here's the flipside of that. 

The Excellent ‘Male First World Problems Meme’ Is…Well, It’s You

I'm basing this off probability. Ladies, don't take offense here--this is actually just a picture book affirming everything you've ever thought about your man. We

7 Annoying Ways Dudes Have It Easier Than Chicks: A Rebuttal

Editor's Note: Yesterday Krum posted his weekly column on 5 Annoying Ways Chicks Have It Easier Than Dudes. Alexandra Suazo posted a rebuttal of the piece on

The Best of ‘Tumblr4Men,’ ‘The One Tumblr That Doesn’t Suck’

When arguably sh*tty things become popular, many people are unhappy. But when arguably sh*tty things are properly but in their place? 

The Best of the ‘Overly Manly Man’ Meme

What a guy. Steak as an appetizer, whiskey as a chaser. We've immortalized him in the form of Ron f*cking Swanson, but the manly man

‘The Birth of a Tool (Axe Making by Hand)’ Will Reunite You with Your Manhood

Says one astute YouTube commenter, "Why is a video about turning molten metal into a weapon trying to seduce me? More importantly, why is it

The Flip Side Bar: Where Men Are Women And Women Are Men

What would happen if men and women swapped traditional roles during a night out partying? This video tackles that timeless question. In this