head transplant

Italian Surgeon Says We’re Two Years Away From Human Head Transplants


One of the major flaws of mankind is our inability to perform head transplants.


Shy Bladder Group Has No Problem Getting Pissed At Rob Lowe’s DirecTV Commercial

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Today I learned there's an active shy bladder lobby in this country.


Man Checks Into Hospital for Routine Surgery, Wakes Up with Vasectomy


You go under to fix a minor urological problem; you wake up shootin' blanks.


12 totally bizarre, gross remedies from old medical texts


As fascinating as earlier centuries may be, especially in film, getting sick back then usually involved the ingestion or application of something truly disgusting.

thimble bioelectronics

Your adhesive bandage might soon also be a painkiller


The humble adhesive bandage hasn't changed much since it was introduced; the glue has gotten a little less painful to remove, the materials have gotten better, but there hasn't exactly been a massive technological leap in bandage technology.


DARPA wants to save soldier’s lives with… foam?


We're no stranger to DARPA, the military's mad science research division, around here.

wives tales

15 wives tales, superstitions and urban legends people really believe


Back in the old days (you know, the 1990s), science, medicine and technology were in their infancy and most people had no explanation for why bad things happened.


Woman Sues Brooklyn Doctor for Correctly Diagnosing Her With HIV


An interesting way to thank someone for saving your life.

Zombie Apocalypse

And Now an Oregon Man Has Come Down With the ‘Black Death’ Plague


He got it from rescuing a mouse that was about to be eaten by a stray cat.

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