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Your Sexting Addiction Has Nothing on the Doctor Who Sexted During Surgeries

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

‘Shrooming May Cure Depression

Good news, sad hippies!

Man Checks Into Hospital for Routine Surgery, Wakes Up with Vasectomy

You go under to fix a minor urological problem; you wake up shootin' blanks

British Man Born Without Penis to Get One Sculpted from His Arm Skin

When I read the headline, I chuckled a bit. But after hearing what this guy’s been through already in his life, you can’t help but

Science: Sex More Effective Than Painkillers As Headache Cure

This is a game-changer.

Woman Sues Brooklyn Doctor for Correctly Diagnosing Her With HIV

An interesting way to thank someone for saving your life.

Drugged Up College Girl is a Pretty Big Fan of Eli Manning

These are always fun. Though as an aspiring sports broadcaster, she may need to speak a little more clearly from here on out.  The self-awareness here

And Now an Oregon Man Has Come Down With the ‘Black Death’ Plague

He got it from rescuing a mouse that was about to be eaten by a stray cat. That’s why you always let nature take its

Swallowing a Fish is All Fun and Games Until it Starts Living in Your Lung

Whoa, this is extraordinarily unsettling. A 12-year-old Indian boy went swimming and ended up with a fish living in his lung as a souvenir. GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

‘I Feel Dizzy’ Kid Gets His Remix

Young Matthew here is going through the tried-and-true stages of Internet fame. First, a viral video of him groggy from surgery was posted to YouTube

Body of Would-Be Twin Still in Stomach of 3-Year-Old Boy

A 3-year-old Peruvian boy has something incredibly unsettling inside his stomach: his would-be twin. Doctors say that the resorbed fetus weighs about a pound and