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British Man Born Without Penis to Get One Sculpted from His Arm Skin

When I read the headline, I chuckled a bit. But after hearing what this guy’s been through already in his life, you can’t help but

Science: Sex More Effective Than Painkillers As Headache Cure

This is a game-changer.

Woman Sues Brooklyn Doctor for Correctly Diagnosing Her With HIV

An interesting way to thank someone for saving your life.

Drugged Up College Girl is a Pretty Big Fan of Eli Manning

These are always fun. Though as an aspiring sports broadcaster, she may need to speak a little more clearly from here on out. 

The self-awareness here

And Now an Oregon Man Has Come Down With the ‘Black Death’ Plague

He got it from rescuing a mouse that was about to be eaten by a stray cat. That’s why you always let nature take its

Swallowing a Fish is All Fun and Games Until it Starts Living in Your Lung

Whoa, this is extraordinarily unsettling. A 12-year-old Indian boy went swimming and ended up with a fish living in his lung as a souvenir. GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

‘I Feel Dizzy’ Kid Gets His Remix

Young Matthew here is going through the tried-and-true stages of Internet fame. First, a viral video of him groggy from surgery was posted

Body of Would-Be Twin Still in Stomach of 3-Year-Old Boy

A 3-year-old Peruvian boy has something incredibly unsettling inside his stomach: his would-be twin. Doctors say that the resorbed fetus weighs about a pound and