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The DEA Is Trying To Block Medical Marijuana In Utah By Claiming Stoned Rabbits Will Ruin America

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In a hearing on Medical Marijuana last Thursday by senators and law enforcement officials in Utah one DEA agent claimed that medical marijuana could (and would) lead to stoned rabbits fearless of human beings, and destructive deforestation all across Utah.


If You Don’t Make A Lot Of Money AND You Want Free Weed, It’s Time To Move To Nor-Cal


The Berkeley City Council in northern California has just unanimously passed a new law that allows low-income residents who have a prescription for medical marijuana to obtain FREE WEED.

War on Marijuana

BREAKING: Congress applies common sense for first time in War on Marijuana


Early this morning the bipartisan House members voted to block the DEA from their egregiously wasteful raids on medical marijuana operations and facilities.


How I Obtained My Medical Marijuana Card


I don't have AIDS, cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, hemophilia, back pain, or any other condition that truly qualifies me for medical marijuana in the state of California.


Dude Sues Robbers for Jacking His Medical Marijuana


Imagine a world where you could sue the hell out of somebody for ripping you off on a bag just like if they messed up remodeling your kitchen or building a deck for your house.

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