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This Is How You Grill Meat Like A Fucking Boss So Your July Fourth Doesn’t Suck

I don't even LIKE steak and this is making me hungry.

VIDEO: The Most Bad Ass Way to Cook a Steak This Summer

You want to impress people? You do this.

Video About Steak Teaches You Everything You Want to Know About Delicious Steak


Vince Wilfork’s Meat-Grilling Dance is a Sight to Behold

He is all that is man.

GOOD NEWS: Marinating Meat With Beer Is Good for You

This is the best news ever for Ron Swanson...

Arnold Schwarzenegger Made a Massive Sandwich with the ‘Epic Meal Time’ Crew

It's Arnold. On Epic Meal Time.

Meat Beer is Here! D.C. Brewery Creates Beer That Tastes Like Smoked Sausage

The half-smoke is Washington, D.C.'s most iconic dish. 

Awesome Supercut Chronicles the Love Affair Between Ron Swanson and Meat

HuffPost TV brings us a great supercut featuring Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson, a man whose love for meat is only rivaled by the succinct