monkey food

Dudes Eating ‘Monkey Stew’ To Check It Off Their Bucket List Have The Weirdest Bucket List


Coming to us from the 'Meat Eater Podcast with Steven Rinella' is a video featuring a group of dudes on a hunting and fishing trip in Bolivia, and checking one unusual item off of their bucket list: eating monkey.

the rock

The Rock Just Revealed His Hardcore Post-Workout 4 A.M. Breakfast That Would Kill Most Bros


At no time in my life have I ever wanted to be as muscular as The Rock.


Here’s The Number One Reason No Bro Should Ever Go Vegan


At least once in life, even if it's only for a second, a bro considers going vegan or eating vegetarian.


Men’s Dispute Over Man Meat Lands Male In Jail For 25 Years After Beef Turns Sour


A beef over breakfast sausages has landed one Baltimore man in jail.


Here’s The Difference Between Ribeyes, New York Strips And Sirloins So You Can Be Meat-Savvy Like Ron Swanson


There are actually logical reasons why certain cuts of meat have different textures and flavors than others, so if you’ve ever wondered what the difference between a New York Strip and a Sirloin is and why that difference exists, this video is for you.

josh hutcherson

‘Hunger Games’ Star Josh Hutcherson Pretty Curious What Human Flesh Tastes Like

By | 2 Comments

As someone who has never read the books or seen the movies, I was shocked to learn the Hunger Games franchise is not about cannibalism.

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