mcdonalds breakfast

Power Ranking The Items On McDonald’s Breakfast Menu


What is the best item on Mcdonald's Breakfast menu.


McDonald’s Is Stepping Up Their Burger Game To Compete With Shake Shack And Five Guys


McDonald's new hamburgers are here to reverse the company's flagging sales.

big mac clothing line

McDonald’s Has Launched a ‘Big Mac’ Clothing Line And I Just Became A Vegetarian

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In the wake of Burger King releasing a Whopper-scented fragrance that reeks of sadness, McDonald's Sweden is launching a Big Mac clothing and lifestyle line that is actually happening here on Earth.

all the sauces

Dude Epically Confronts McDonald’s Sauce Injustice, Becoming The Voice Of Our Generation


For all of us who have been told 'no', who have bullied by the big dick of Corporate America, who have been forced to convince ourselves that one sauce is enough, and have wondered who is going to sing our song, our time has come.

st patricks day 2015

Young Kobayashi Guzzles 7 McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes, Becoming Undisputed Champion Of St. Patty’s Day


Let's Recap: Large McDonald's Shamrock Shakes: 7 Calories: 5,740 Grams of Sugar: 805 Grams of Fat: 161 Bypass Surgeries: 3 Heavyweight Champions: 1 Downing the burger at the end may be the biggest Power Move of 2015.

racist happy meal toys

Man Arrested At McDonald’s, Claims Happy Meals Are ‘Racist’, And We Need To Find Out If He’s Right


DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines police have arrested a man who caused a scene Tuesday at a metro McDonald’s when he claimed the restaurant was racist because Happy Meal toys did not have dark skin.

local news

‘Traffic Jam Jimmy’ Ordering A Fish Sandwich At McDonald’s Is Local News At Its Finest


Baltimore's Fox affiliate sent ol' Traffic Jam Jimmy out on the roads at 4 a.

fight videos

WATCH: Angry English Lad Goes Ballistic On A Bunch Of American Bros In A McDonald’s


I try to avoid going to McDonald's when it is dark out simply because I've watched way too many videos like this where shit hits the fan.


This Guy Wound Up With A Raw Burger From McDonalds And It Only Kinda Looks Like Real Meat…Okay Not Really

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McDonald’s isn’t exactly known for being “quality” food, but when you’re driving down the highway at 3 a.

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