Need LSD Or Mushrooms? Apparently A McDonald’s In San Francisco Lets Customers Chill There And Move WEIGHT


A McDonald's in San Francisco is basically a front for selling psychedelic drugs.

james franco

James Franco Reaffirms His Status As Hollywood’s Weirdest Bro — Publishes Heartfelt Love Letter To McDonald’s


Back in pre-school when the other kids were learning their letters and numbers James Franco was brooding in the corner, disheartened by the state of America's educational system and how he got a splinter from the seesaw during recess.


McDonald’s Employee Drops Drunk Customer With DEVASTATING One-Punch Knockout


This drunk customer went in for some McNuggets and got a heaping helping of McKnuckles instead.


Woman Took A Big Bite Into Her McChicken Sandwich And HOLY HELL WHAT IS THAT?!?


Joyce Fedd visited the McDonald’s drive-thru in Jacksonville, Florida to pick herself up a tasty McChicken sandwich.

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Man Vs. Food: Guy Creates Epic 4lbs McDonald’s Monster Burger That Costs $24


You may not have this at your local Mickey D's, but you should.

bacon war

Woman Opens Fire At McDonald’s Over Bacon-Less Burger–Proving Once Again, The Customer’s Always Right


A Michigan woman has been sentenced to three to seven years in prison for opening fire at a McDonald's after employees failed to put bacon on her burger TWICE.

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Starting Today, 4/20, McDonald’s Serves Breakfast All Day! (But Only In This One Market)


A few weeks ago, we informed you that McDonald's was planning to test an all-day breakfast menu in an undisclosed domestic market within a month or two.

mcdonalds breakfast

Power Ranking The Items On McDonald’s Breakfast Menu


What is the best item on Mcdonald's Breakfast menu.


McDonald’s Is Stepping Up Their Burger Game To Compete With Shake Shack And Five Guys


McDonald's new hamburgers are here to reverse the company's flagging sales.

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