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Topless Woman Goes On Wild Rampage in a McDonald’s, Employees Hilariously Narrate Surveillance Video

You won't find a more Florida story in the history of Florida stories...

Angry, Old White Man Punches Black Woman For Cutting in Line at McDonald’s (Video)

All Howard Carl Wilson wanted was some McDonald's.

Man Gets a Tattoo of a McDonald’s Receipt, Because YOLO

This lovely tattoo belongs to an 18-year-old from Norway. Yes, it's a McDonald's receipt permanently inked on his right arm.

McDonald’s Customer Pulls Gun on Employee For Forgetting Dipping Sauce

Can you blame him?

LeBron James and Johnny Manziel Star in McDonald’s Commercial For a New Sandwich You Aren’t Good Enough to Eat

It's for Heisman trophy and NBA Finals MVPs only.

Amazing Man Gets Two DUIs at One McDonald’s IN A SINGLE NIGHT

Well done, sir.

VIDEO: These Dogs Fucking Love McDonald’s Ice Cream

These dogs. They love ice cream.

This Is What a McDonald’s Happy Meal Looks Like After Just Sitting Around for Two Years

This picture comes from a chiropractor’s office in Omaha, Nebraska. Apparently the office is displaying a two-year-old McDonald’s Happy Meal [...]

McDonald’s Employee Celebrates His 100th Birthday By Going to Work at McDonald’s, Proves Millenials Really Are a Bunch of Shitheads

  McDonald’s employee Morris Miller might be the oldest McDonald’s employee in the world. Last week he celebrated his 100th [...]

McDonald’s Shows Us How Their McNuggets Are Really Made, Because They Think We Care and That’s Adorable

See. It looks nothing like pink goop. Oh, wait. It totally looks like pink goop! Whoops and shit. In related [...]

McDonald’s Secret Menu Items You Need To Try

The Monster Mac: A Big Mac with EIGHT Patties. "It's like a meat avalache in my mouth." Fuck. Yes. 

Science Teacher Eats Nothing But McDonald’s for 90 Days, Loses 37 Pounds

John Cisna. Iowan. Science teacher. McDonald's eater. Fat burner. HERO. 

McDonald’s in Canada Has Released McPoutine, Just in Case You Haven’t Vomited Today

That above monstrosity comes from Twitter user @The_Alex.

Bro Figures Out How to Get Free Food From McDonald’s Drive Thru Every Single Time

Maybe a better way to put it is: Bro Figures Out How to Steal Food From McDonald's Drive Thru Every Single Time?

I'm not the fucking police -- real, ethics,

Guys: We Have to Eat 10 Million Pounds of Leftover, Unusued McDonalds Wings

Yesterday was Football Sunday, and I ate a lot of wings. Too many, judging by the consistency and volume of this morning's farts. But if McDonalds

Ever Wonder What a McDonald’s McRib Looks Like Uncooked? Well, Wonder NO MORE.

Kind of looks like shit. But we all know it certainly doesn't taste that way. Mouthwatering goodness; packed with bold flavors and saturated fats, the

You Won’t Be Able to Get Heinz Ketchup at McDonald’s Anymore

Fast food's best french fries will no longer have America's best accompaniment. 

Sad Binge Eating News: McDonald’s is Replacing Their Dollar Menu With a Dollar Menu & More Menu

McDonald's is ditching their longtime Dollar Menu and replacing it with the new Dollar Menu & More (Menu). Which had better just include EVERYTHING ON THE FUCKING MENU, because

Watch Eric André‘s Unaired Ronald McDonald Prank

Comedian Eric André bosses wouldn't let him air one of his sketches for his show on Cartoon Network. 

Chicken Wings Are Coming to McDonald’s, Brought to You By This Incredible Photo of Ronald Creepin’

McDonald's "Mighty Wings" will be available in every McDonald's location starting September 24th and apparently they will be leaving every McDonald's location at the end

Idiot Arrested For Calling 911 to Report Wrong McDonald’s Order, Still Thinks Call Was Appropriate

This guy is 50 cards short of a full deck. But that yellow suit...oh, that yellow suit...IS FIRE. 

Bro Eats 100 McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets in 10 Minutes, Doesn’t Barf

His name is Furious Pete and after eating 100 chicken McNuggets in ten minutes I can only assume that his lower intestine is also furious.

GAMECHANGER: McDonald’s CEO Hints at Delivery and Breakfast All-Day

Fire up those hash browns and Egg McMuffins: This is a hangover GAMECHANGER. 

Speaking on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street," McDonald's President and CEO Don Thompson hinted

A Dude’s McDonalds Burger from 1999 Still Looks as Good as New

Did somebody say McDonalds? 

The World’s Fastest Drive-Thru Is Predictably Messy

This is incredibly stupid. I laughed anyway.

Late Night McDonald’s Fight in Ottawa Features Haymakers-O-Plenty

Goddamn Ottawainians (???), getting all excited that McDonald's is starting to serve breakfast late night. I'll admit, I'm firing on all cylinders in all

Usain Bolt Ate McDonald’s Before Winning Gold

The man with the golden legs enjoys the golden arches. If McDonald’s can’t spin this into a major endorsement deal, they should just

How to Order McDonalds Like a Boss

It's debatable whether this falls under "like a boss" categorizations or "like a douche" categorization. Regardless, Australian rapper Bilal B starts flowing like a faucet around

McDonalds Employees Mystified by Floating Cup Phenomenon

When it comes to McDonalds, original pranks grow slimmer and slimmer with each passing day. Thankfully or unthankfully, we can now cross the "Drive Thru

Shoenice Eats a Cheeseburger With the Wrapper Still On; Cherish Him While He’s Still Alive

OK, this is getting ri-goddam-diculous. Shoenice eats a cheeseburger with the wrapper on. It’s not a cry for attention. It’s a cry for help. Make

McDonald’s Drive-Through Customer’s Burgers Now Extremely Well-Done

McDonald’s can brag all it wants about the temperature of its coffee, but visuals do much more than words. This unlucky bastard had

Eating Only Chicken Nuggets for 15 Years Lands British Girl in the Hospital

Human beings were not meant to have a diet consisting solely of McDonald's chicken nuggets. Most people know that. One 17-year-old British girl, however, is

Drunk Bro Breaks Into McDonalds, Cooks Burger and Fries, Leaves With Beverage in Hand

Yesterday, no one knew who this McBurglar was, but 21-year-old Wartburg College student, Whitley Teslow, turned himself in after media coverage of Sunday's burglary. And why

Someone Sent Us a Video of McDonald’s Employees Serving a McSmackdown

This evening someone passed along this extraordinary fight in a McDonalds. It starts with a shouting match over who-knows-what (only two honey or

Anti-Coning McDonald’s Manager Refuses to Hand-Off Ice Cream

With McDonald's managers like this -- taking a stand against people who want to get ice cream all over their own hands --