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WATCH: Angry English Lad Goes Ballistic On A Bunch Of American Bros In A McDonald’s


I try to avoid going to McDonald's when it is dark out simply because I've watched way too many videos like this where shit hits the fan.


This Guy Wound Up With A Raw Burger From McDonalds And It Only Kinda Looks Like Real Meat…Okay Not Really

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McDonald’s isn’t exactly known for being “quality” food, but when you’re driving down the highway at 3 a.

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McDonalds Is Putting Old Bay On Its Fish-O-Fillet Sandwich, Cause That’s What Maryland Does Bitches

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It's impossible to visit the State of Maryland and not feel like you just took a bath in Old Bay Seasoning.

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Employee Absolutely Devastates McDonald’s After Being Fired


On February 2, McDonald's kicked off "Pay With Lovin'" campaign.

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Thought This Was America? Woman Kicked Out Of McDonald’s For Ridiculously Awesome Service Pet


A woman was kicked out of a McDonald's in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin after bringing in her 'service pet' who just happened to be a kangaroo wearing a diaper and a onesie.

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McDonald’s Wants You To Know How Their Fries Are Made In Hopes That You Stop Thinking McDonald’s Is Disgusting


When you think about McDonald's food what is the first thing that comes to your mind.

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