How To Make Healthy McDonald’s French Fries With Only 5 Ingredients


McDonald’s may be the go-to food for fatties glomping around the earth everywhere, but there’s one thing you can’t knock’em for – their French fries.


Need LSD Or Mushrooms? Apparently A McDonald’s In San Francisco Lets Customers Chill There And Move WEIGHT


A McDonald's in San Francisco is basically a front for selling psychedelic drugs.

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James Franco Reaffirms His Status As Hollywood’s Weirdest Bro — Publishes Heartfelt Love Letter To McDonald’s


Back in pre-school when the other kids were learning their letters and numbers James Franco was brooding in the corner, disheartened by the state of America's educational system and how he got a splinter from the seesaw during recess.


McDonald’s Employee Drops Drunk Customer With DEVASTATING One-Punch Knockout


This drunk customer went in for some McNuggets and got a heaping helping of McKnuckles instead.


Woman Took A Big Bite Into Her McChicken Sandwich And HOLY HELL WHAT IS THAT?!?


Joyce Fedd visited the McDonald’s drive-thru in Jacksonville, Florida to pick herself up a tasty McChicken sandwich.

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Man Vs. Food: Guy Creates Epic 4lbs McDonald’s Monster Burger That Costs $24


You may not have this at your local Mickey D's, but you should.

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Woman Opens Fire At McDonald’s Over Bacon-Less Burger–Proving Once Again, The Customer’s Always Right


A Michigan woman has been sentenced to three to seven years in prison for opening fire at a McDonald's after employees failed to put bacon on her burger TWICE.

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Starting Today, 4/20, McDonald’s Serves Breakfast All Day! (But Only In This One Market)


A few weeks ago, we informed you that McDonald's was planning to test an all-day breakfast menu in an undisclosed domestic market within a month or two.

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Power Ranking The Items On McDonald’s Breakfast Menu


What is the best item on Mcdonald's Breakfast menu.

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