mcdonalds fries

McDonald’s Wants You To Know How Their Fries Are Made In Hopes That You Stop Thinking McDonald’s Is Disgusting


When you think about McDonald's food what is the first thing that comes to your mind.

im lovin it

A McDonald’s In Switzerland Accidentally Showed Hardcore Porn To Its Customers


In the latest story of porn being shown on a screen where it was not intended to be shown we travel to a McDonald's in Zuchwil, Switzerland.


This Man Working The Drive-Thru At McDonalds On Thanksgiving Is So Enthusiastic I Suddenly Want McNuggets


If you've ever thought that it's impossible to make the best out of a crappy situation, I want you to watch this video of a man working the McDonald's drive-thru right now.

mcdonalds breakfast

Watch A Bunch Of People Who Were Born Without Taste Buds Try McDonald’s Breakfast For The First Time


If you don't like McDonald's breakfast then the chances that you are the reincarnation of Satan are pretty high, which means that all of the people in this video are literally the Devil.

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