matthew stafford wedding

Matthew Stafford And Kelly Hall Got Married, Wore Funny Hats


  Nothing says new beginnings and rebirth like a spring wedding.

matthew stafford

Matthew Stafford And Kelly Hall’s Engagement Photos Are Just Silky Sweet


Leave it to ultimate bro Matthew Stafford to have some of the smoothest engagement photos we've ever seen with his gorgeous fiance (and three-point shooter extraordinaire) Kelly Hall.


Matthew Stafford Was Mic’d Up During The Reversed Pass Interference Call, Congratulates The Refs For Being Idiots


The NFL captured on-field conversations and comments from key players on the Cowboys and Lions during last week's Wild Card game.

kelly hall

Here’s Kelly Hall Sinking Three-Pointer After Three-Pointer


Kelly Hall, known to the world as Matthew Stafford's fiancee, may be the best athlete in that particular relationship.


Matthew Stafford Uninjured In Deadly Bridge Collapse


Matthew Stafford's car was in close proximity to a fatal accident this morning, a bizarre twist in a freak and tragic story.

Matthew Stafford fiancee

Matthew Stafford’s fiancee is having a big, big week


For the second time in a week, I'm posting about Matthew Stafford's fiancee Kelly Hall and no, you're stalking her Instagram.

Matthew Stafford girlfriend

Matthew Stafford’s fiancee, Kelly Hall, got a starring role in his new commercial


Well, well, well, being the fiancee of a star quarterback sure has its perks.

Matthew Stafford's girlfriend

Matthew Stafford’s GF weighed in on fans booing–then some dude dropped the greatest tweet ever


Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions blew a chance at the playoffs with a home loss to the New York Giants.

Matthew Stafford wired for sound

Matthew Stafford was mic’d up for the Lions final drive


Matthew Stafford led the Lions on a game winning drive Sunday, slinging passes down the field and capping it off with a fake-spike touchdown.

Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford leads Detroit down the field in most improbable victory


Matthew Stafford cemented himself as a Detroit legend this afternoon after leading the Lions to an improbable victory over the Cowboys.


Matthew Stafford Was Very Scared of an Unexpected Snap


God, imagine how unpleasant his vinegar strokes must be.

nfl video

Matthew Stafford hooks up with Calvin Johnson on 72-yard touchdown


Matthew Stafford threaded the needle to his favorite target Calvin Johnson for a 72-yard touchdown.

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