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The ‘Today Show’ Made Matt Lauer Wear a Short Suit and It Was Weird

Why did they do this to him?

Brett Favre and Matt Lauer Talked NFL Locker Room Bullying and Not Allowing a Son to Play Football

Richie Incognitio's bullying of Jonathan Martin is still the biggest news story in the NFL right now. When Matt Lauer sat down with future Hall

Stephen Colbert Ripped Apart Matt Lauer’s Unholy Baywatch Halloween Costume

The moment I saw Matt Lauer dressed as a female Baywatch lifeguard, I yanked the remote out of my lady's hands and changed the channel.

Miley Cyrus Talked About Old People Sex with Matt Lauer on the ‘Today Show’

Did Miley Cyrus just hit on Matt Lauer? Sure sounds sexual... 

The ‘Today Show’ Showed a Dildo on a ‘One Night Stand’ Halloween Costume This Morning

Anyone else catch The Today's Show's regurgitation of BuzzFeed's "21 Best (Worst) Halloween Pun Costumes" this morning? If so, you missed a big, fat, veiny

Matt Lauer Recreates Iconic Photograph of Michael Jordan’s Free-Throw Line Dunk

Matt Lauer and the “Today Show” reached out and touched that oh-so-sensitive nostalgia bone this morning, when they aired this piece about recreating the famous