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Just How Big Of A Prick Is George Clooney? Matt Damon Explains in His Reddit AMA

Matt Damon took time out of his busy schedule of being the world’s nicest famous dude to sit down for […]

Mark Wahlberg Seems Like a Chill Bro, Part XXIV

It's no secret that Mark Wahlberg has become kind of a bro hero over the past few years. He starred in Pain & Gain and

What Makes a Movie Trailer ‘Too Gay’ For Hollywood?

Too gay for Hollywood? Matt Damon and Michael Douglas? We simply must see what the fuss is all abou---OK maybe it is.

Jimmy Kimmel Auditions for Every Matt Damon Role, Plus Robin Williams Gives His Nightly Monologue

Last night, Matt Damon kidnapped Jimmy Kimmel and took over his entire show -- from start to finish. Kimmel jokingly trying to read Damon's famous

‘Stephen Ghoulbert’s Spooky-Time Halloween Fun Guide’ Featured Colbert Getting Angry at Tom Hanks

Stephen Colbert has done some pretty cool stuff throughout the years. This though, it's really just majestic. 

Here’s the Trailer for ‘Promised Land,’ Starring Matt Damon and Jim from ‘The Office’

One of the better "this made my day" feelings out there often comes in the form of discovering something you simply know is going to

Funny Or Die Boasts All-Star Cast for Clinton Foundation Skit

FunnyOrDie pulled off what may be the most star-studded internet sketch comedy bit of all time. They really must have called in some favors to

After 0-6 Start, Red Sox Fans are ‘One Win Hunting’ Against the Yankees This Weekend

As a Yankees fan, I've been avoiding mentioning the Red Sox' 0-6 start for two reasons: It's the first week of the season for