The Entire World Is Freaking Out Over This Math Problem For Teenagers—Can You Solve It?

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This math problem hasn't quite reached the fervor caused by 'the dress', but it's already been discussed by the NYTimes, The Guardian, and others across the world.

college life

Auburn University Bro Found This Mathematical Equation Trying To Solve For ‘Basic White Girls’ In His Classroom


Twitter I'm no mathematician, and even looking at equations like this make my brain want to fucking explode, but I think this young Will Hunting might be on to something.


What Are the Odds of Filling Out a Perfect NCAA Bracket?


Go ahead and fill out as many brackets as you’d like.

priority peter

The Best of the ‘Priority Peter’ Meme


Don't you just hate it when there's all those hot chicks just itchin' to get all up in that barely post-pubescent bod of yours, but you're stuck doing math homework.

weird mathematical formulas

Insane physics calculations figured out by reddit IAMA


Today over on Reddit, readers were treated to some top notch mathematical wizardry.

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