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Sex Toy Company Creates Male Vibrator and They’re Hiring One Lucky Dude as Product Tester

Always be innovating.

Fleshlight Goes Digital, Changes Long-Distance Relationship Game

What soccer game?

This Video About How Every Guy Masturbates Is Scary Accurate

Women will never understand the time and care it takes to find that perfect clip of porn that is worthy […]

50 Cent Blamed His Terrible First Pitch on Excessive Masturbation

Too much partying like it's his birthday.

This ‘How Often People Masturbate’ Chart Seems Just a Touuuuuuch Inaccurate

Goddamn. You learn something new everyday.

Did You Know May is National Masturbation Month

Why are you not jerking off as we speak?

Parents Dish on How They Know Their Kids Are Masturbating

And your childhood is ruined.

You Can Find Out What Your City is Masturbating to, Because You Obviously Need That Information

Here's a question: WHAT THE FUCK IS MASSAGE PORN? And hhhhhhwhy is it so popular?

What Happens When You Take an Unintended Vacation From Masturbating

From time to time, we’re all guilty of it. Work happens, sickness happens, hardcore Hasselhoff-ian binge drinking happens...

And the Most Masturbated to Adult Film Star in the World Is…

It's not Nina Hartley. Although it should be.

This Cheeto Looks Just Like a Guy Jacking Off

Mind. Blown.

How Am I Just Seeing This Anti-Masturbation Video Jehovah’s Witnesses Made for Deaf People Dubbed with 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ ?

Why don't the Jehovah's Witnesses want deaf people to whack off?

72-Year-Old High School Teacher Caught Furiously Masturbating in School Hallway

Hot tip: don't pleasure yourself on school property, of any kind. Even driving school.

Philly Police Finally Capture Infamous ‘Swiss Cheese Masturbator’

For the past few days, the good people of Philadelphia had been held captive by the random appearances of a mad man hell bent on

15 Things We Jacked Off to Before the Internet Changed the Game

In 2014, when a man wants to jerk off, he sits in front of a laptop, types in Pornhub.com (has to type it in every

Miley Cyrus Posted a Video of Herself Masturbating Last Night

It a teaser clip for her new video for Adore You, which... we will be posting here as a soon as it up. Because she's

Brain Scans Find Adult Film Addiction is an Actual Addiction

Here is some real vindication for all the chronic masturbaters out there suffering from the never-ending urge to jack off to hentai, cream pie, amputee, casts,

Cosmo Writer Masturbates on Subway, Comes… Away with Article

In one of history's most unique journalism assignments, Cosmo writer Anna Breslaw recently hopped on New York's Q train with a gyro in hand, and

8 Annoying Ways A Masturbation Sesh Can Be Interrupted

Explained by GIFs... 

The Grossest Thing I’ve Ever Done Involves a Ziplock Bag, Vaseline, My Penis

When you’re young, your days are fueled with imagination and enthusiasm. A discarded cardboard box becomes an adult-proof hideout. Your 10-foot long driveway transforms into

Parents Leave 13-Year-Old Son a Threatening Note to Stop Him From Masturbating Into Their Towels

Here is the answer to the age old question that literally no parent asks: What's the best way to get your kid to start having

Japanese Bro Loses Nine Pounds Through ‘Masturbation Diet’

Why get a gym membership when you can just burn weight by jerking off? Via Kotaku: 

Laaaadies: ‘International Clitoris Awareness Week’ Is Coming

May is National Masturbation Month, so I was tempted to spell "coming" with a "u" for this post, then I realized that'd be inappropriate... 

Philly Bros: I Hope You’re All Heading to This Masturbate-A-Thon

Philadelphia's first Masturbate-a-Thon began Wednesday -- to mark this beginning of National Masturbation Month -- but won't finish until May 27, Philadelphia Magazine reports. And

Did You Hear the One About the Teacher Who Hit His Students Then Began Masturbating in Class?

A teaching style so bold and innovative it just... might... work...

You’ll Never Guess the Weirdest Place Macklemore Says He ‘Spanked It’

Nope, not a Thift Shop.

Is Masturbation Ruining Your Life? BroBible Talks to a Psychologist About Masturbation Addiction

On February 6, Morningside Recovery Center, a rehab center in Newport Beach, California, released the results of a national survey on a taboo subject: masturbation.

Anna Kendrick Jokes About Masturbating on Twitter, Becomes Your New Favorite Dream Girl (Again)

No one keeps it real on Twitter quite like Anna Kendrick. Via Hypervocal, she just Tweeted this gem out. Dream girl status? Judging by her

Using Viagra in Your Twenties and When Your Mom Catches You Whacking Off

Submit your Ask a Babe questions here. 

Bus Driver Gets Stabbed by Guy M*sturbating

A bad day would be being a bus driver. A worse day would be being a bus driver and getting stabbed by a guy jerking

This Is What a Woman’s Brain Looks Like While M*sturbating

Journalist Kayt Sukel is helping researchers at Rutgers University unravel some of the mysteries of a human phenomenon that the scientific community knows little about:

Is it Fair Game to Crank It in the Car?

‬Editor's Note: To send Waffles McButter, Matthew Flow, and the editors of BroBible your questions, click here or the Ask a Bro button. Q. So my

Guy Caught M*sturbating on Plane, Blames Tabasco Spill

And you thought your holiday air travel was rough. Rafael Escamilla, a 50-year-old man with a hankering for hot sauce, was arrested for allegedly masturbating

10 New Findings from Sex Studies Reveal Spike in Number of Positions, Partners

Sex study after exhausted sex study seems to be coming out these days. Universities are just pissing away grant money because, despite their findings, nothing

My Girlfriend is Shocked (Shocked!) That I Watch P*rn

Reminder: Don't forget to become a fan of Waffles McButter on Facebook! Waffles, ‬ My girlfriend recently gave me a bunch of shit for watching adult entertainment. I