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The Masters Greens Redesigned as Putt-Putt Courses Is Something to Watch

The back 9 of the Masters sucked yesterday and I think I have the solution: windmills. WINDMILLS.

Here’s Bubba Watson Playing Ping Pong With His Driver


Bode Miller’s Efforts to Sneak a Quesadilla Into the Masters Were Unsuccessful

We've all done it.

Bob Costas Has Some Thoughts on the Masters

Bob Costas will never work the Masters -- certainly not after he aired some strong opinions on the event on Dan Patrick’s show earlier today.

Why I Love the New Tiger and You Should Too

As I’ve stated previously in this space, my love for Tiger Woods is outstripped only by my love for Fireball whiskey and public urination (usually

Bubba Watson Confirms He’s ‘Awesome’ to David Letterman

Masters winner Bubba Watson sat down with David Letterman last night. He was asked to describe his personal golf style. His answer? “Awesome.”

Let’s Watch Louis Oosthuizen’s Double-Eagle Again

 While Bubba Watson’s remarkable snap-hook from the pine needles on the second hole of sudden death will be the indelible image of this

A Masters Win for Tiger Woods Would Be Win for Bros Everywhere

I remember exactly where I was the moment Tiger Woods became personally relevant. It was on the golf course at Kingsmill resort in Williamsburg, and

Dog Eats Golf Fan’s Masters Tickets

I adore dogs. They can be your best friend. However they can also be real a**holes. For instance dogs don't have the logic to know

Martin Kaymer Makes Shot of the Masters

During practice rounds leading up to the Masters, players often times skip shots off the pond on No. 16 at Augusta. So that’s

Masters Adds Another Hour to ESPN’s Thursday, Friday Coverage

I know, the 2011 Masters are about nine months away, and all of us golf fans should be focusing on the Ryder Cup right now,