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Finally, the Wiz Khalifa and Blake Shelton Mash-Up the Internet Has Been Waiting For

Who said you can't have the best of both worlds?

This Phish x Ghostbusters Mash-Up Is Some Heady Shit, Bros

Are you a heady Bro who wears Patagonia fleeces and likes chicks, dips, and rips?

ATTENTION STONERS: Flaming Lips Release a Companion Album to ‘Dark Side of the Moon’

The Flaming Lips actually made a companion album to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

The Melker Project Set to Drop ‘Red Hot Trilli Peppers’

On this epic offering, The Melker Project mixes six Red Hot Chili Peppers classics with the likes of Future, 2 Chainz, Dr. Dre, Tupac and

Some Insane Genius Mashed-Up Avicii and Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’

It would take a madman to mash-up Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” with Avicii’s “Wake Up,” right? Yet NilsOfficial on […]

‘Thanksgivukkah’ and 5 Other Holiday Mash-Ups We Want to See

This month marks Thanksgivukkah, the first time in thousands of years that the Jews and Anybody Who Isn’t A Native American’s favorite holidays fall on

OMG, You Guys: Someone Finally Made an ‘Archer’ x Kenny Loggins ‘Danger Zone’ ‘Top Gun’ Mash-Up!

This is too amazing to be real. The mad geniuses at FX's Archer finally recreated the scene from Top Gun with Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone. Hype is REAL....

I Can’t Stop Listening to This Nine Inch Nails-Carly Rae Jepsen ‘Call Me A-Hole’ Mashup

"Call Me Maybe" mashups are sooooooooooooooo Spring 2012. But PomDeter's piece of binary brilliance mixes Nine Inch Nail’s “Head Like a Hole” with Carly Rae Jepsen’s overplayed earworm. Speaking of

LeBron James Pops a Molly and Sweats For 5 Minutes in Epic YouTube Mash-Up Video

Just a five minute loop of Lebron getting pumped up in warm-ups while mouthing Trinidad James' "Popped a Molly, I'm Sweating." Don't ask questions, just

Imagine ‘The Dark Knight’ As a Romantic Comedy

When you think about it, the basic plot of "The Dark Knight" has a lot in common with a romantic comedy: Bruce Wayne is single and ready

‘Kramer vs Levels’: The Avicii x Seinfeld Mash-Up The Internet’s Been Waiting For

This is a high point in Internet mash-up history. Finally, one brave soul mashed-up of various clips of Kramer dancing to Avicii's hit dance anthem,

This Epic Mash-Up of LCD Soundsystem Trading Bars with Miles Davis Is Freakin’ Amazing

Sorry, Girl Talk, Super Smash Bros, Kap Slap, and all the other mash-up artists that call the Interwebs home: This might be the artistic high

The ‘Gangnam Style’ x ‘Space Jam’ Mash-Up the World’s Been Waiting For

Fun fact: The two songs "Oppa Gangnam Style" by PSY and "Space Jam" by Quad City DJs have the exact same BPM and key. So, Soundcloud

The Kanye West x Taylor Swift Mash-Up No One Was Really Waiting For

Ever wonder what Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" sounded like when it was mashed up with Kayne's classic, "Homecoming" featuring Chris Martain? Imma

The Best Movie Fight Mash-Up Ever

Another fine movie mash-up from Eclectic Method, the guys behind that awesome Bill Murray tribute. This time they've managed to splice together some of cinema's

Mid-Week Mash-Ups: 5 Mash-Ups to Check Out This Week

With many great new mash-ups out there this week, I thought it makes sense to put them all together in one post. Welcome, ladies and

Finally, the Dubstep Mashup of Movie O-Faces You’ve Been Waiting For

Electric Method's latest mash-up -- "Orgstep Dubgasm" -- might be the zanniest thing you'll watch today. Personally, I would have called it "When

Swedish House Mafia x Carley Rae Jepsen - ‘Call Me Greyhound’

By now we’ve all heard zillions and zillion of mutations of "Call Me Maybe," most of which probably sucked (except Milkman's and the

UPDATE: Finally, the Inevitable Mash-Up of ‘Levels’ and ‘Call Me Maybe’ You’ve Been Waiting For

Biggest song of 2011 + Biggest song of 2012 = One awesome mash-up/remix by DJ Monarch. This was inevitable. In fact, I can't believe it

Adele Gets Mashed-Up with Daft Punk In Carlos Serrano’s ‘Something About The Fire’

A little bit of music to get you through your Tuesday evening. This is Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain" mixed with Daft Punk’s “Something

Video: Classic Movies Subtitled for Bros

Here's a great video from "On The Bro'd," the Tumblr blog that translated all of Jack Kerouac's "On The Road" into bro-speak. They've

50 Brilliant Fan-Made Remixes, Mash-Ups, and Supercuts That Will Be Strictly Prohibited Under SOPA

It's not often we get caught up in politics around here, but tomorrow is an important and historic day for those of us who

DJ Earworm’s ‘The United States Of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom)’

For better or worse, I've been posting the DJ Earworm's "United States of Pop" mash-up on BroBible every December 26th -- the day

Finally, ‘Space Jam’ Gets Mashed Up with the ‘Immortals’ Trailer

'Immortals' hits theaters this weekend. The Greek mythology blockbuster is about King Hyperion's ruthless quest across Greece for the Bow of Epirus, a

The Fifty U.S. States and Their Capitals: The Supercut

We're blatant suckers for super cuts (hell, we've even created two of our own). But this gem takes the whole supercut game to

When Animals Attack in Films: The Supercut

Here's an awesome compliation of animals attacking humans in movies. It's a great boredom buster to eat away eight-minutes of your morning and

A Mash-Up of Movie Line Rhymes

Back to the well for yet another movie-related mash-up video. Unless something unbelievable comes walking through the door, I semi-promise that this will

100 Best Punches In Movie History

Jesus Christ, there are already a ton of these movie mash-ups surfacing this week. Clearly we think that we'd be remiss if we

25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes In Movie History

Some or all of the dialogue during these movie scenes -- many of which are notoriously famous lines or moments -- are said

Ghostface Killah vs. African funk, Highlife, and Psych

Early this morning Max Tannone, the remix artist of "Jaydiohead," "Most Dub," and "Dub Kweli,"-fame, dropped his latest project. "Ghostfunk." As he explains it, "Ghostfunk

Eclectic Method’s ‘The Apocamix’ is a Must-Watch Before the World Ends

Just in time for the Rapture or whatever this weekend, Eclectic Method dropped this apocalyptic medley / banger / mash-up to soundtrack to keep things

Sound Advice From Cinema’s Greatest Bro Dads: The Supercut

Ladies and gentlemen, we have fantastic news: Our first book "My Dad is a Bro" comes out today! We'd be thrilled if you did us

VIDEO: The Ball-Busting Women of Cinema

FilmDrunk's video editor, Oliver Noble, slapped together a mash-up of women hitting men where the sun don't shine in the movies. This epic collection of

The Worst Song in the World Finally Gets Mashed-Up with Ice Cube’s ‘Friday’

Remember Rebecca Black’s FUN FUN FUN song, "Friday," also known as the absolute worst song ever created in millions of years of human evolution? Turns

All Charlie Sheen Does is Win: A BroBible Audio Mash-Up

It's been an exhausting — and kinda awesome — six days of Charlie Sheen just straight-up "winning." Since it looks like the Sheen's media blitzkrieg