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Mustard Costume Turns On Kid During Race, Attacks His Pants

I see London, I see France.

Let’s All Take a Deep Breath and Look at This Ancient Nebraska Cornhuskers Mascot

Extremely appetizing.

I Can’t Stop Watching Abraham Lincoln Birth a Human Head


McDonald’s Spared NO EXPENSE Creating the New Happy Meal Character


Chicago Bulls Mascot Expertly Trolled Donald Sterling Last Night With Hilarious Sign

Boom. Roasted.

San Antonio Spurs’ Coyote Mascot Lost His Eyes After a Collision

My eyes!

Baseball Highlight of the Year? Minnesota Twins Mascot Caught a Baseball in His Mouth


Bradley University Has a New Mascot and He’s Terrifying

Hey buddy.

The Sochi Mascots Find Curling Strangely Erotic

The Sochi mascots have spent a lot of time together during these Olympic Games, and it appears a romance is […]

Grizzlies Mascot Super Grizz Powerbombs Wizards Fan Through Table in the Least Staged Stunt Ever

I’ve spent the last 10-minutes trying to figure out a way that this could have looked less staged, but I […]

The San Antonio Spurs’ Mascot Hit a No-Look, Three-Quarters, Backwards Shot

The San Antonio Spurs' mascot (which is a coyote??) performed this sick stunt over the weekend. 

CBS Cameras Capture Denver Broncos Mascot Being Held Down by The Man

The NFL prides itself on being an orderly organization. Players must play within the rules and carry themselves in a way that respects The Shield. 

Chicago Cubs Unveil New Mascot, And You Should Probably Sit Down for This

The Chicago Cubs unveiled a mascot yesterday. You know, for kids!  

Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders Zipline From Top of Stadium

The Jacksonville Jaguars did something good, you guys. Savor this moment. 

The 10 BCS Mascots Who Do the Best With Ladies

The BCS matchups are set. Let the talking heads and master prognostications begin. THE TEAM THAT SCORES THE MOST POINTS HAS THE BEST CHANCE TO

The New Orleans Pelicans’ Mascot is So Ridiculous

The New Orleans Pelicans debuted their new mascot yesterday and he is petrifying.

Brooklyn Nets Mascot Fails Miserably in Trampoline Dunk Attempt

The Brooklyn Nets’ mascot is called the Brooklyn Knight. He has very few responsibilities. One of them is to throw down the occasional trampoline dunk.

NOOOO: The Toronto Raptors’ Inflatable Mascot Destroyed His Achilles and is Down for the Year

The best mascot in sports is Toronto's inflatable Raptor. This is why.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Cover ‘Blurred Lines’ While Wearing Bikinis

Finkle is Einhorn! Einhorn is Finkle!

Japanese Prison Debuts New Mascot for Inmates to Murder

This is something that’s happening in the real world and not in the mind of a Saturday Night Live sketch writer.

37 Odd College Mascots

Is it better to have an odd college mascot or one that is wildly mundane? I can't decide.

Mr. Met Is Way Too Busy For Pictures

The human stuffed inside that Mr. Met suit has a tough job. He must suffer through both oppressive heat and a full season of watching

21 Corporate Mascots That Would Be Scary as Hell in Real Life

The Energizer Bunny, Mr. Peanut, and the Pillsbury Doughboy are beloved iconic symbols. In real life, however, they’d be enough to haunt one’s dreams forever.

Conan O’Brien Introduces NBA Mascots That Should Never Dunk

There is nothing more American than watching a basketball mascot throw down a sick dunk off a trampoline. But not all mascots are created equal,

Watch the Ultimate Collection of Mascot Fails

I've said it before. I'll say it again. There are few things funnier in life than gratuitious violence exerted on mascots. Whether it's the Blue

A Colorado State Fan Dressed Up Like a Ram, And It Was Great

Allow me to introduce you to the unlikely hero of the NCAA Tournament’s first day.

Kindhearted Mascot Steals Show After Another High School Playoff Buzzer-Beater

Holy hell, the New York state high school basketball playoffs are insane. First, we had New Rochelle’s logic-defying buzzer-beater that catapulted the primaries onto national

Cocky 8-Year-Old Girl to Chicago Bears Mascot: ‘Deal With It, Bro!’

The Green Bay Packers-Chicago Bears rivalry is no joke. People in that part of the country hate the other team as much as they hate

WVU Mountaineer Mascot Shoots a Bear with Musket, Celebrates With a ‘Go Mountaineers’ Chant

Well, this is probably about the most cliche West Virginia thing ever. While hunting in Pendleton County, West Virginia, WVU Mountaineer mascot Jonathan Kimble shot

10 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Mascots

Mascots have been doing their thing for centuries. They are there to take an awesome experience and add even more pizazz. They are the heroes

Kansas State Mascot Willie the Wildcat Kicks a Small Child in the Face

Some Kansas State supporters paid for the school’s mascot, Willie the Wildcat, to show up at a kid’s birthday party. It didn’t go well.

Chuck E. Cheese Mascot Being Replaced By Much Sketchier-Sounding Rat

Chuck E. Cheese was once a place "where a kid could be a kid." This seems to no longer be the case.  

Wedding Cake Featuring Uga as Roadkill is Tremendously Detailed

Nothing drives home the happy fact that two people are so in love they want to spend the rest of their lives together than a

Woman Sues Phillie Phanatic For Brutal Mascot-on-Human Crime

The Phillie Phanatic is one fun-loving guy. One woman, however, is suing him for having a little too much fun.

Conan Brings You the Mascots That Should Never Dunk

You're probably familiar with the sh*tty mascots that NBA teams trot out during halftime to attempt mundane dunks off of trampolines. Well Conan is giving

Sparty Gets Carry in Michigan State Spring Game, Fails Miserably

Sparty is the best mascot in college sports, but is not the most reliable running back. In fact, he’s fumbled every time he’s carried the

High School Will Not Name Their Mascot After H*rny Older Women

Cougars are A-OK in my book — if an older gal wants to give it up with no strings attached, then I'm game as long

The 16 Best Capital One Mascot Contenders

With the college football season in full swing Capital One has begun its campaign to see who will win the Mascot of the Year

Phillie Phanatic Hospitalized After Getting Hit with a Foul Ball

On Wednesday night the beloved Phillie Phanatic took a foul ball at a minor league game to the head, giving the man behind the mask,

Vanderbilt Mascot Mr. C Punches Fan in the Face During Tennessee Game

In case you missed it last night, the Vanderbilt mascot, Mr. C, was really jacked up for the big game against in-state rivals Tennessee. Perhaps