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Would You Rather Live in a World with No Marriage or No Divorce?

How about a hybrid solution?

A Guide To Picking Your Groomsmen

Step 1: Get Engaged.

Michael Irvin Isn’t Too Happy Cris Carter Told His Wife to Leave Him

Wideouts doing wideout things.

9 Reasons Why You Should Not Get Married, According to a Married Guy

Getting married is like taking a bullet for someone. Everyone says how awesome you are for what you did, but no one wants to take

Woman Destroys Her Ex-Husband’s Car With a Hammer While He Videotapes the Evidence

Cooler heads did not prevail.

How Do You Know If You’re Ready to Propose?

Sometimes, man, you just feel it.

CHART: How Much Does It Cost to Propose in Every Major League Ballpark?

Pro-tip: Don't

Man’s Wife Buys Whiteboard. Man Resolves to Draw a Penis on It Every Day for an Entire Year. Man SUCCEEDS!

Effective use of one's time.

Researchers Discover That Men With Attractive Wives Are Most Satisfied with Marriages

According to a study recently published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, women don't find marital satisfaction because of an attractive husband. For the men? Yeah, looks

Jilted Wife Slut-Shames Her Cheating Husband by Forcing Him to Go Public on Facebook

I don't glorify cheating in any way, but goddamn, you cannot get caught doing shit in this country these days without your business hitting every corner

4 Awful Things You Should Know About Weddings

If you’re 26 and above, the next three years or so will be a consecutive wedding season, unless you’re a hermit with no friends. No

This Video of a 30-Year-Old Wife Crying Like a Baby Is Reason Enough to Never Get Married

All she wanted was a day on the lake, James. Yeah... Never getting married.  This husband has things to do on Saturday, like get his tires

4 Harsh Conversations You Should Have Before Getting Married

Everyone seems to have a pretty good idea of what marriage is like right up until the honeymoon anesthesia wears off and they can start

The 10 Biggest Divorce Settlements Received by Men

Hey, bros? Want to make $14 million quick? How about a nine-month marriage to J Lo?

Jilted Wife Buys Billboard Ad-Space to Say ‘Gotcha’ to Her Cheating Husband

If this is real, and not some marketing stunt, it beautifully illustrates the difference between men and women. Under no circumstances, if my wife cheated

Man Arguing With Wife Shoots His Finger In Misguided Attempt to Remove Wedding Ring

Shockingly, he’d been drinking heavily throughout the day.

Frat Douchebags and Hot Intern Fantasies: Exclusive Excerpt from ‘The Average American Marriage’

Editor's Note: Chad Kultgen is the New York Times’ best-selling author of "The Average American Male," a controversial 2007 novel about typical dude debauchery and sexual

Married Men Who Do Housework Get Even Less Sex Than Those Who Don’t

Apparently the key to gettin’ it regular is to just do dude stuff all day long. We can get behind that.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Married

Need a reason to NOT get hitched? Our girl Emily Hartridge has 10. 

Watch This Guy Get Completely Rejected When Proposing On a JumboTron at a UCLA Game

Soooo.... This is akward. Ouch. Love hurts, dude. Someone buy this man a beer.

Man Puts His Foot Down When His Wife Says She Wants a Breast Reduction

Bro of the goddamn week material right here. Yeah, maybe his wife isn't the prized pig at the county fair, but Steve Leach loves the

How To Get Around Your Friend’s Fiancee’s Attempt to Sabotage His Bachelor Party

Q. My close friend just got engaged. His fiancée owns him and we are worried the bachelor party is going to suck because her father and

Study: Facebook Cited As Cause of Divorce in One Out of Five Marriages

Turns out Facebook has been found to be bad for relationships. And no, this fact is not related to the awkward "Are we Facebook official?