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Mother-In-Law Catches Son’s Wife Pissing In Her Tea Pot, So That Will Make For An Uncomfortable Thanksgiving


For many people, dealing with in-laws feels more like a chore than a privilege.


Dude Wins Trip To Puerto Rico But Can’t Bring His Wife, Hilariously Documents Trip Pretending To Be Miserable


Reddit user 'WidgetDude' won the trip of a lifetime to Puerto Rico (presumably through work), but there was a catch: he couldn't bring his wife.


Guy Has The Most ‘This Is My Nightmare’ Reaction When His Girl Surprises Him That She’s Pregnant


Receiving an unexpected pregnancy announcement from your significant other is bad enough as it is, why do women have to pull stunts like this.


Do You Really Want To Bang Your Girlfriend’s Mom? This Study Says You’re Not Alone


Imagine you are standing in a room with five other dudes and all of you have a girlfriend or wife.

already whipped

Bro Secretly Proposes Every Day For A Year—Melts Panties From Here To Kathmandu With Video Of Proposals

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This video of a man who secretly proposed to his fiancée every day for 365 days is currently going über viral.

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