worst marriage proposal

Worst Marriage Proposal Ever Causes 3 Buildings To Be Evacuated After Crane Collapses


You want the girl of your dreams to remember every moment when you get down on one knee and ask her to be your wife til the end of time.


Guy Proposes By Arranging 99 iPhone 6s’ In The Shape Of A Heart, Gets Rejected Because That’s A Stupid Idea


Sorry to all the guys out there who were planning on proposing to their girl by buying 99 iPhone 6s’ and then arranging them in the shape of a heart, but it’s best to stop you before you do anything stupid…like buy 99 iPhone 6s’ and then arrange them in the shape of a heart.

worst marriage proposals

The 7 dumbest marriage proposals of all time


Your marriage proposal story is supposed to make people swoon, not cringe.

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