Steve O

Head Scratching Hook-Ups, Mighty Dunks, the Great One’s New Company, and Super Bowl Survivors


Super Bowl weekend is always an unabashed sh*tfest but saying goodbye to the NFL is always bitter sweet.

New York Giants

Giants Linebacker Mark Herzlich Provides The Best Super Bowl Tweet Ever


The New York Giants defense had suffered a rash of awful injuries during the season, but they're all healing nicely heading into the Super Bowl.

salvatore giunta

2010’s Bros of the Year


I'll be honest with you, when they asked me to pick the Top 5 Bros of the Year I responded by email saying, "You can eat a hemorrhoid fresh off my a**hole if you think I'm doing that.

Tom Brady

A Comeback Kid Takes Bro of the Week Honors


Time to gather the best of the best from the last week and count down to one victorious bastard, who will be crowned our Bro of the Week and receive a 6-foot mirror, trimmed in luscious mahogany, so he can spend hours of his spare time masturbating to the greatness that is him.

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