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As every group of college kids in the entire world knows, Mario Kart is 1000x better when booze is involved.

Luigi Is a Massive Prick In the New ‘Mario Kart’ Game

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Bros… Nintendo Just Dropped a Trailer for ‘Mario Kart 8’ and It Looks AWESOME

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The Next, Best Minute of Your Life Will Be Spent Watching This IRL Mario Kart, Stop-Motion Creation

Stop what you are doing, because two Bros just made the coolest Mario Kart video you'll ever see. 

Mario Kart In Real-Life Is Just About the Coolest Thing Ever

OMG... Someone finally did it. Someone FINALLY managed to make a video of a real-life Mario Kart race. The only thing it's missing is mushroom-speed

The 10 N64 Games That Changed Our Lives

Dogs have been associated as man’s best friend for several decades, and deservingly so. However, any bro who grew up in

Erroneous: ‘Experts’ Claim Blowing Into Nintendo Cartridges Was Actually Harmful

In one of the more blasphemous pieces of news you'll hear in quite sometime, it appears that we have some naysayers to the true and