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Mario Balotelli Ironed a Shirt

He's like a normal person.

Mario Balotelli Aims a Gun at Haters, Somehow Gets Attention

This will get your attention.

Mario Balotelli Just Luigi’ed

This is a post about a soccer.

HOLY HOT: Mario Balotelli’s Fiancee Fanny Neguesha Is Our Latest World Cup Instagram Obsession

Bros... World Cup 2014 WAG watch is in full-swing.

Mario Balotelli’s Shoes Were Pretty Newsworthy

Mario Balotelli is not one to deflect any attention. The AC Milan star continued his proud tradition of doing whatever the hell he pleases yesterday

Mario Balotelli Scores a Fantastic Goal That Won’t Affect Your Bracket

Unbeknownst to me, there were other sporting events going on yesterday that weren’t part of March Madness.

Mario Balotelli Scored Two Fantastic Goals as Italy Advanced to the Euro Finals

Mario Balotelli scored two goals as Italy advanced to the Euro 2012 finals with a 2-1 victory over Germany.

Here’s Mario Balotelli’s Spectacular Volley Goal for Italy

Mario Balotelli made took time out for making headlines with his off-pitch endeavors to score this slick goal in Italy’s 2-0 win over Ireland.

Mario Balotelli’s Trip to the Gentlemen’s Club Will Cost Him $396,000

Manchester City's Mario Balotelli is a unique brand of crazy, which he usually gets away with because he is one of the best soccer players