Marines Are Being Given MDMA To Help Recover From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Results Positive


Marines suffering from PTSD are now being given 'love drug' MDMA to cope with the hardships of returning home after battle.


The US Marines Are Developing A .50-Caliber Sniper Bullet That Can Change Direction Mid-Flight, Because ‘MURICA


In the never-ending effort to make sure the US Military is light years ahead of every other country, the US Marines and DARPA are on the verge of rolling out a.


Marine Swims 59 Miles In 3 Weeks, Becomes First Amputee To Graduate Combat Instructor Water Survival Course


Adam Jacks is a Staff Sergeant with the US Marines who just completed the rigorous Marine Combat Instructor of Water Survival course, which requires Marines to swim a cumulative 59 miles over the course of 3 weeks.


Swedish Marines Ad Pokes Fun At The US Military—Anyone Know If Sweden Has Oil?

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A new recruitment ad for the Swedish Marines has taken aim at what they deem 'Hollywood' style recruitment, involving models, explosions, and other over-the-top recruitment tactics.

college football

UVA’s Head Coach Mike London Had An Awesome Tribute To The Military Yesterday


Yesterday the University of Virginia pulled off an impressive 23-21 win over Louisville.


Marine’s New Amphibious Assault Vehicle Looks Like It Can Win All the Wars


Not sure who we are planning to fight next, but fuck it.


Ladies, Get at these Marine Bros Who Know Every Word to ‘Let It Go’


Ladies, get at these Marine Bros who know every single word to "Let It Go.


A Marine and Soldier Takes Back the American Flag from Disrespectful Protesters


I hate it when hippies parade the flag upside down to make some sort of extremist point about America "being in a state of distress.


You Will Be In Tears Reading This Facebook Story About a Marine Killed In Action and His Girlfriend


  With Facebook celebrating its 10th anniversary, people are looking back at how The Social Network has impacted their lives.

Ole Miss

Check Out How Fired Up This Marine Was at the Ole Miss Game


Remember the Marine at Ole Miss who yelled at UT's Marquise Goodwin after scoring a touchdown.

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