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Stoners: You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Sparked a Bong Hit with a Magnifying Glass

I didn't even know this was possible.

Trill, Pot Smoking Mother Thinks It’s Cool to Breastfeed Her Premature Baby

Bold stance.

Guess Which State Smokes The Most Weed?

Keep in mind that Snoop Dogg is not a state.

You’ll Never Believe How Much Marijuana Cost at Ivy League Colleges In the ’70s

Ivy League kids aren't like us state school slackers: They're all about digging into that research #grind.

Smoking Pot in High School: A Remembrance

We all ... sort of remember.

The New York Times Calls For the Legalization of Marijuana.


Justin Blackmon Can’t Catch a Break, Arrested For Marijuana

What's with star receivers lighting up?

Ever Been Stoned And Gone On Chatroulette? Well Now There’s A Video Chat Website Specifically For Stoners

Which is better, eating all the food in your kitchen or talking to random people?

Snoop Dogg Says He Smoked Weed in the White House

Jimmy Kimmel went on Snoop Dogg’s “GGN” YouTube show recently, asking the D.O.-Double G if he ever smoked marijuana in the White House. His answer?

Watch a Documentary About How California Police Tricked an Autistic High School Kid Into Selling Them Marijuana

Bros: I know it's Sunday and you're all probably hungover from your weekend shenanigans. But this is important.

Rip Some Tubes Then Check Out This Awesome Ultimate Frisbee Catch

Tubes = Bongs Hits.

In The Most ‘Duh’ Study Ever Conducted, Science Has Found That Weed Makes You Paranoid

No shocker here, folks.

Marijuana Finally Decriminalized in Washington D.C., Which Means Up to an Ounce of Weed Is Only a $25 Fine

GREAT news for citizens of Washington D.C.

Relax, Guys: The Dude Fired for Buying Legal Weed in Washington Got His Job Back

All is right with the world.

Brooklyn Is About to Become a Marijuana Smoker’s Paradise

Good... Actually GREAT news for Brooklynites.

Colorado Man Offers President Obama Weed

"You want a hit, man?" is a perfectly valid question to ask President Obama when he's rollin' through Colorado.

Hey Colorado: They’re Giving Out Free Marijuana at Movie Theaters

Hey Colorado Bros.... Apparently there's a dude giving out free weed at movie theaters in Boulder and Denver if you show up to his movie

This Guy DIED After He Smoked Pot For The First Time

Maybe not the best move.

Miley Cyrus Got Blunted Sunday Night and Shared a Pic of Her Fat L

The rich can do whatever they want.

Berkeley Is Now Giving Away FREE WEED To Poor People

Welp, looks like I know where I'm moving next.

Bill Clinton Says Something Honest and Awesome About Weed

A Democrat advocating states rights? Can Bill Clinton be president again?

Watch This Super-Stoned Florida Woman Chow Down On A WHOLE Bag Of Weed…In The Back Of A Police Car

Anyone surprised this came outta Florida? Anyone?

The ‘Electronic Joint’ Is About To Take Over E-Cigs

The Dutch know where it's at.

An Entire Town Burnt Its Massive Marijuana Stash Before It Was Raided

Up in smoke. Literally, tons and tons and tons of weed going up in smoke.

Watch This Grandma FLIP Her SHIT When No One Passes Her A Joint

To be fair, she never said "please."

This New App Delivers Weed Right To Your Doorstep, Just Like Pizza

Delivery weed > delivery pizza.

This Pastor Gets It Right About Recreational Consumption of Alcohol and Marijuana

I know he spoke for over a minute, but all I heard come out of his mouth is "let's get drunk and smoke dope."

New Study Says Smoking Marijuana Improves Your Lungs

Marijuana smokers even performed better than non-smokers.

This 450-Pound Guy Tried To Smuggle Weed In His Stomach Fat

Because sticking it up your butt is soooo last year.

Man With Baby Tries to Sell Pot to Uniformed Police Officer

Talk about your Darwin Award winner.

Like Getting High? Like Sex? Like Getting High and Having Sex? Cannabis Lube Is For You!

Finally, there's a vagina-safe lube made from cannabis oil that will get you high while having sex.

A Guy on Twitter Is Hiding Weed All Over Town For His Followers to Find

And these eggs aren't filled with chocolate.

5 Ways Marijuana Has Changed Since You Were in High School

The sticky-icky-icky ain't so sticky any more. Actually, does anyone even say that these days?

Watch Weed Plants Grow in Beautiful, Time-Lapse Fashion

Started from the bottom now we high.

This Vine Video Explains How to Make a Bowl for Smoking Weed of Starbursts

Everyone -- including non-tokers -- has heard of the apple-as-a-bowl trick for smoking when one doesn't have paper or glass.

Stoned Bro Claims He Had a Fivesome

That's two more than a threesome.

Those Crazy Kids From One Direction Got Caught Smoking Doobies in Peru

Role models? More like how to roll a joint models.

If You Like Watching ‘Cosmos’ Stoned, This Video Is For You

Of course, clicking this link will automatically report you to your superiors.

The FBI Might Let Employees Smoke Pot Because Kids These Days

Federal Bong Inspectors

5 Insane Things Made Out of Marijuana

The artisan known only as Afgoo_Head may be the the world’s greatest cannabis craftsman.