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This Is What Marijuana Prices Look Like When It’s Legalized

Pretty solid infographic breaking down the numbers of what marijuana prices are like when it’s legalized and taxed. Here’s to governments […]

Former NFL Player Says Teammates Smoked Pot Before Super Bowl

Brendon Ayanbadejo has never had a problem speaking his mind. 

People Are Still Buying Pot from Drug Dealers in Colorado

Near the Denver airport is a store that has been called the "Costco of weed." It's expanding this year to 40,000 square feet of space;

Barack Obama Says Weed Isn’t Bad in Interview With ‘The New Yorker’

Thanks, Obama! 

Colorado Is Already Almost Out of Pot

Who says stoners aren't motivated? 

First Video of a Legal Recreational Marijuana Sale in Colorado Is Incredibly Bizarre

Think of all the ways weed has been demonized ever since you took your first DARE class. Now watch an Iraq war vet proudly buy a

Hey All You Budding, Pot-Smoking Journalists Out West, The Denver Post Needs a Weed Editor

Calling all you marijuana-toking, internet-savvy, journalism 2.0, new-media types. Now is your chance to make it after all. 

Marijuana is Coming to the East Coast

At first it was just hippie states out West legalizing weed. 

Legal Marijuana is Coming to Uruguay for Only $1 Per Gram

In an effort to undercut illegal drug dealers, Uruguay plans to sell legal marijuana for only $1 per gram in the second half of 2014. The

Bro With Balls Smokes Pot in North Korea

Color me surprised. Weed is perfectly legal in North Korea. 

5 Reasons Legalized Marijuana Might Be Bad for Pot Smokers

Legalize it, except we'll all probably criticize it. 

Alright, You Washington and Colorado Potheads: You Can Keep Your Legal Weed

Colorado and Washington may have legalized weed back in November—hell, the Seattle PD now has snack recommendations for its city's stoners—but there remained one major

Watch Sanjay Gupta and CNN’s Marijuana-Endorsing Documentary, ‘Weed’

You read last week that CNN's Sanjay Gupta had changed his tune about medical marijuana. Now watch the documentary that did it.

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta: Americans ‘Terribly and Systematically Misled’ About Weed

Sanjay Gupta has been CNN's go-to "health guy" for years, but people tend to not treat him like a doctor who makes his bones on TV.

Bill Maher’s Epic Rant About Legalizing Marijuana Is Freakin’ Brilliant

Confession: I'm a huge Bill Maher fan. So if you don't like Maher and his opinions, you'll probably have a problem with this post. Back in

Yesterday At UC Santa Cruz, Police Confiscated the Biggest Joint You Will Ever See

A baseball bat of marijuana.

New York Governor Wants State to Have Decriminalized Pot in 2013

2012 was a wild year for all you out there who enjoy the occasional choom gang session (i.e. 90% of you). Medical marijuana dispensaries became

Two University of Colorado Boulder Students Arrested for Giving Weed Brownies to Class

What could possibly go wrong with a college class having "Bring Food Fridays" at the University of Colorado-Boulder?

Smoke Screen: Weed Still to Be Banned on College Campuses in Washington and Colorado

Upon hearing that weed was gonna be legal in Washington and Colorado, did you immediately wish you could magically turn 17 and apply to Boulder?

175 Misdemeanor Marijuana Cases Thrown Out in Washington Thanks to State’s Legalization Vote

This is what change looks like.

Jon Stewart Mocks the Mainstream Media for Their Ridiculous Statements About Marijuana Legalization

Jon Stewart's on fire these days. Last night he took aim at the windbags on Fox News, CNN, NBC News, etc. for their asinine, clueless statements

Authorities Found an Extremely Elaborate Drug Tunnel From Mexico to an Arizona Strip Mall

With four-star amenities like support beams, lights, air shafts, and a non-functioning sink, this sure as sh*t ain't your granddaddy's drug tunnel. I'd even go

John Stewart to Gov. Chris Christie on Opposition to Marijuana Decriminalization: ‘What the F*ck?’

If you happen to smoke marijuana and live in New York or New Jersey, we have some very bad news for you: Earlier this week

DEA Administrator Fails to Answer Simple Questions about Marijuana ‘Addiction’

In this clip, DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart delivers a testimony to Congress that reaches levels of cluelessness about drug addiction not seen since your mom asked

UPDATE: ‘Regulate Marijuana’ Issue Likely to Appear on Colorado Ballot

If you’ve been following the 4:20 Chronicle lately, you may recall a post from a couple weeks ago about the movement for what is being