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A Pro-Marijuana Group Is Putting Up Some Excellent Billboards Outside MetLife Stadium This Week

The pro-marijuana legalization group Marijuana Policy Projecty bought billboard space outside of MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl XLVIII and are putting up signage comparing the

A Friendly Holiday Warning: You Still Can’t Smoke Weed Outdoors in Colorado

Drug busts have never been higher in Colorado, a state which recently legalized the use of recreational marijuana.

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta: Americans ‘Terribly and Systematically Misled’ About Weed

Sanjay Gupta has been CNN's go-to "health guy" for years, but people tend to not treat him like a doctor who makes his bones on TV.

Now Hiring: Marijuana Connoisseur for State Work

Are you a greeb thumb who knows a lot about marijuana? Washington State wants to hire you.

Two University of Colorado Boulder Students Arrested for Giving Weed Brownies to Class

What could possibly go wrong with a college class having "Bring Food Fridays" at the University of Colorado-Boulder?

Would You Buy Stock in This Weed Vending Machine Company?

Or, would you just buy one yourself? 

Possibly Stoned Reader Sends Us a Highly-Entertaining and Half-Baked Marijuana Conspiracy Theory

We love it when our readers send us our stuff. Absolutely love it. Today this jumbled e-mail came over the mojo wire. We swear it sounds

175 Misdemeanor Marijuana Cases Thrown Out in Washington Thanks to State’s Legalization Vote

This is what change looks like.

Jon Stewart Mocks the Mainstream Media for Their Ridiculous Statements About Marijuana Legalization

Jon Stewart's on fire these days. Last night he took aim at the windbags on Fox News, CNN, NBC News, etc. for their asinine, clueless statements

John Stewart to Gov. Chris Christie on Opposition to Marijuana Decriminalization: ‘What the F*ck?’

If you happen to smoke marijuana and live in New York or New Jersey, we have some very bad news for you: Earlier this week

DEA Administrator Fails to Answer Simple Questions about Marijuana ‘Addiction’

In this clip, DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart delivers a testimony to Congress that reaches levels of cluelessness about drug addiction not seen since your mom asked

B-Brain’s World: My Case For Making Weed Legal

"So is it possible that its illegality is part of what makes it great?" That's J-Train's underlying thesis for keeping weed illegal. That didn't make

600 Marijuana Plants Found In Police Raid Of Bronx Building

When purchasing a commercial property, you should consider location, location, and of course the amount of gigantic weed plants growing inside of it. For the

Sex with Teachers, Squirters, the Clap, and Legalizing Weed

This week we tackle why high school dudes turn their teachers in for having sex with them, dating a girl who squirts, and if you

Poll: 50% of Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana Use

50%? I don't think these Gallup poll people are asking everyone. Next time throw the question on the Census. I guess it seems low given

The Map of United States Marijuana Laws

Want to know which states are weed-friendly in the eyes of Johnny law? The folks at NORML put together a handy map to illustrate which