One Of The World’s Top Marijuana Activists Is Also A Hot Pin-Up Model With A Weed Cooking Show


Sometimes known as 'Aunty Watermelon', Mary Jean Dunsdon is one of the Canada's leading marijuana activists.


Puff, Puff, PASS: Two Bills Hit Congress That Would Legalize Marijuana On The Federal Level

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In the latest step towards ending marijuana prohibition two bills were introduced to Congress on Friday that would legalize (and tax) weed on the federal level, treating it nearly the same as alcohol.

bro entrepreneurs

These Four 20-Something Bros Are Making $40,000 A Day Growing Legal Marijuana On Their Weed Farm


Getty Image It's a brave new world, one where marijuana prohibition laws are slowly being chiseled away and legit, legal business opportunities involving marijuana are emerging.


This Is What Marijuana Prices Look Like When It’s Legalized


Pretty solid infographic breaking down the numbers of what marijuana prices are like when it's legalized and taxed.

the 4:20 chronicle

Fuck Grouchy Old White Men Who Say Stupid Things About the Legalization of Marijuana


Last night, after watching/blogging the most exciting Sugar Bowl I can remember, I clicked over to the New York Times to read an op-ed column exploding on Twitter.


Video: 42 Intelligent Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legal


So yeah, it's 4/20 and conveniently this informative video (set to Wiz Khalifa's 'Mezmorized') about all the wonderful things that legalized ganja could do for society came out today.


13 Reasons to Legalize Marijuana in the United States


Here are a few of the reasons (in no particular order) why I think marijuana should be legalized.

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