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I Took Batting Practice Against Mariano Rivera and All I Got Was This GoPro Video

He won.

Watch an Emotional Mariano Rivera Exit the Mound for the Last Time

Last night was an emotional one in the Bronx. Mariano Rivera—the greatest closer ever; one of the greatest pitchers of all time—exited Yankee Stadium for

Mariano Rivera Takes Mound Alone in Magical All-Star Game Moment

Mariano Rivera pitched a scoreless inning for a hold in his last All-Star Game last night. He also gave us one of the most memorable

This Guy Wants Mariano Rivera to Come Back More Than You

He’ll get his wish if the New York Yankees closer keeps his word. For his sake, we hope the cutter-throwing right-hander does make

Mariano Rivera Tears ACL, Carted Off the Field

This has been a bad week for knees of pro athletes.

A Machine Gun Enthusiast, P*rn-Loving Firefighters, and a Closer in Our Bros of the Week

Welcome to the most "all over the place" Bro of the Week we've had in a while. I'd like to use this top part for