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Maria Sharapova, Anna Kendrick and More Light Up This Week’s Hottie Index

We wanted to include the Russian relay runners who made out on the podium after winning gold  at the World Championships—but they've since backed down

We Can See-Through to a Great Group of Five in This Week’s Hottie Index

For the second week in a row, it might be more about what isn’t included in this week’s Hottie Index than what it is. I

Maria Sharapova Is Back on the Market

To the world's dismay, the wedding of the century has been called off.

Watch Maria Sharapova Hit Novak Djokovic in the Balls in Stunning HD

That whole "HD" thing is a lie. This video was taken with a first generation camera phone from about 100-yards away while Sharapova and Djokovic

Sadly, Maria Sharapova Isn’t Running Around Giving Shower High-Fives

Maria Sharapova was on “Chelsea Lately” last night, which I know because my fiancée DVRs that estrogen-heavy gabfest. Kill me now. Anyway, the tennis player’s

Novak Djokovic Does His Best Maria Sharapova Impersonation for Head Tennis

Unlike some of his other top-ranked counterparts, Novak Djokovic doesn't seem to give a sh*t about keeping a picture-perfect, always stoic image. I never really

The Hottest Girls at Last Night’s ESPY Awards

I turned on the ESPYs around 10 p.m. last night, and within about 10 minutes, managed to watch, in succession, Serena Williams (and her