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Whoa. These Geese Are in a Marching Band

They are a well-disciplined flock.

Someone Filmed Auburn’s Band During The Tigers’ Epic Touchdown Return Against Alabama

And it is awesome. 

Notre Dame Band Reenacted Famed Dorais To Rockne Touchdown Pass

Another week, another slew of "look how cool this marching band is" videos. I think someone already posted up OSU's can't stop, won't stop powerhouse

Ohio State Marching Band Pays Tribute to Gettysburg Address in Entertaining Halftime Show

The Ohio State marching band continued to be as impressive as the school’s football team over the weekend. During halftime of a blowout win over

The Clemson Band Is Blowing Minds With This Half Time Tribute to Old School Nintendo

The Ohio State University band has set the bar pretty high this season with its various half time performances. But here comes Clemson. (Quick side note:

I Can’t Stop Laughing at This Amazing High School Marching Band FAIL

Seven tuba players just failling like dominos. So funny it almost feels scripted, like something out of a Three Stoges gag. 

Big Bird Has a Dance-Off with Mitt Romney Before Decking Him at Texas High School Half-Time Show

This is one of the stragest things I've ever watched. A recent halftime show at Beaumont Central Medical Magnet in Texas featured Mitt Romney in a

Watch the Ohio State Marching Band’s Awesome Tribute to Video Games

Prepared to be entertained. Ohio State destroyed Nebraska 63-38 in Columbus yesterday. But let's talk about the Ohio State Marching Band's halftime show for a second: