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Rate this Alabama Fan’s T-Shirt That Trolls Just About Everyone

I guess the shirt is as funny as a shirt can be, but I don't know how I feel about this guy having zero respect

5-Minute Guide to Catfishing Someone

Much like competitive eating, hardcore pawning, and belligerent dance mom-ing, catfishing has blossomed into a beautiful art form embraced by only

Like the Rest of You, Mike Mayock is Sick of Hearing About Manti Te’o

Poor Manti Te’o didn’t get drafted last night. Of course, that doesn’t mean his name wasn’t mentioned dozens of times.

Is the NFL Ready for an Openly Gay Player?

Manti Te’o is predictably the center of attention at the NFL combine. People are really interested in a highly publicized player who found himself embroiled

Here’s Manti Te’o Hoaxer Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Showing Off His ‘Lennay’ Voice

At this point, all of us here have said "THIS IS JUST GETTING SO WEIRD" around 15 times—each—so we'll just leave it at this: The

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Tells Dr. Phil He’s Gay, Or Possibly Just Confused

The man who perpetrated the extensive hoax on Manti Te’o is predictably confused about his own sexuality. That’s, like, the first thing in this whole

‘Why, Why, Manti?’ Is the Song the Weirdest Sports Story Ever Deserves

Maybe the best viral video to come out of this whole weird saga. At least until we get some footage of their hot Skype sessions.

5 Ways to Tell If You Are Being Catfished

Catfish [Kat-fish] (noun) – Someone who pretends to be someone they are not online to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances. They

Houston Hotel Runs Very Special Manti Te’o Imaginary Friend Promotion

I’ve got to imagine that if your job is to change the sign outside of a Houston Quality Inn, you dream of something more. Like,

Relatives Say Manti Te’o Was Actually Speaking to Female Cousin of Hoaxster

So maybe Manti Te’o was talking to a girl the whole time. We don’t know. We haven’t known what to think since this whole saga

Katie Couric Asked Manti Te’o If He’s Gay; Here’s How He Answered

Manti Te’o’s interview with Katie Couric is airing right now. If you’re not watching, you missed this incredible moment.

Super Bowl Dopplegangers, the Manti Te’o Wonderlic Test, Plus More Midweek Sports Links

Football's got a bye, but there's no shortage of stuff to get you through the latter half of the workweek. Get it all here.   

Listen to the Voicemails ‘Lennay Kekua’ Left Manti Te’o

Here are three voicemails Manti Te’o played for Katie Couric. He thought the voice on the other end belonged to Lennay Kekua. It did not.

Manti Te’o Was Talking to Ronaiah Tuiasosopo The Whole Time

And the plot thickens.

3 New Clips Emerge of Manti Te’o's Interview with Katie Couric

We saw this morning what Manti Te'o said to Katie Couric in the big ol' exclusive interview airing on Thursday. Now there's video!

Manti Te’o Admits That He Lied a Little Bit About That Whole Lennay Kekua Thing

Manti Te’o finally got around to doing an on-camera interview and admitting that he “briefly lied” about non-existent online girlfriend Lennay Kekua.

The Cleveland Cavaliers Busted Out the Ol’ Manti Te’o Kiss Cam Last Night

The Manti Te’o weirdness has unleashed the inner comedian in every single human being on the planet.

7 Scandals or Moments in Sport Way Crazier Than Manti T’eo or Lance Armstrong

I have a confession to make. I don’t like sports. Relax, I’m not gay, a communist, or-God forbid, - a hipster.  I dominate rec-league basketball

‘Lennay Kekua’ Also Claimed to Be Dating Mark Sanchez

“Lennay” was a very busy “girl.”

Funny or Die Hilariously Recuts the ‘Catfish’ Trailer for Manti Te’o

Even with the Manti Te'o news story comfortably enshrined in the Weird Sports Hall of Fame for the rest of athletic eternity, much like every

Imagining Manti Te’o’s eHarmony Ad

The folks at Funny or Die imagined what a Manti Te'o eHarmony commercial might look like. Let's just say it gives new meaning to the phrase

Here’s What Manti Te’o Had to Say About the Hoax

He speaks. He finally speaks.

Manti Te’o Dated a Real Girl After Fake Girlfriend’s Death, Says TMZ

This one’s real, and looks pretty spectacular.

Manti Te’o Spoke About His ‘Girlfriend’ Twice After Supposedly Discovering Hoax

Now would probably be a good time for Manti Te’o to answer some questions. They keep piling up. And this latest revelation might be the

The Creator of ‘Catfish’ Has Weighed in on the Manti Te’o Situation

Did Manti Te'o get catfished? It's been brought up by many as a explanation for the weird story. And, in an epically weird press conference

The 3 Best Manti Te’o GIFs Currently on the Internet

When the Mani Te'o news broke yesterday—and what bizarre, amazing news it was!—you just knew that the Internet was going to come through today with

Are You Kidding Me, Manti Te’o?

I shouldn't be that surprised. Every male at Notre Dame has a “girlfriend” that no one has met, she's from “a couple towns away,” and

Teammate on Manti Te’o: ‘He Lied, But the Media Blew It Up’

Yup, it’s always the media’s fault. Always.

Here’s an Article Talking About Manti Te’o and Lennay Kekua Meeting in Person

As this Manti Te’o train wreck hurdles onward, everyone is parsing out information that is at odds with other information. The whole thing is a

Introducing ‘Teoing,’ the Meme Where You Pretend to Be with Someone Who Does Not Exist

The world struggles to fully wrap its head around Manti Te’o's fake dead girlfriend. Thus, you knew the Te'oing meme was coming... Yep, it's a thing.

Notre Dame’s Athletic Director Starts Crying During a Press Conference About Te’o’s Fake Girlfriend

Notre Dame's Athletic Director is named Jack Swarbrick. It's a hell of a name. On Wednesday night, he gave a press conference to divulge what

How Eerie Is This ESPN Profile of Manti Te’o Talking About the Fake Death of His Fake Girlfriend?

It took ESPN's SportsCenter 15 -- F-I-F-T-E-E-N -- minutes to discuss the biggest sports news of the day, that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o's girlfriend was

Manti Te’o, Notre Dame Release Statements On Craziest Story Ever

In the wake of the explosive Deadspin report about his not-so-real dead girlfriend, Heisman Trophy runner-up Manti Te’o has issued a statement.

Report: Heisman Trophy Runner-Up Manti Te’o's Dead Girlfriend Never Existed

Well, holy fucking shit. That sound you hear is Lance Armstrong breathing a giant sigh of relief that the eyes of the sporting world have

Manti Te’o Should Win Heisman, Cheesy Song Claims

If Heisman Trophy voters are to be swayed by a hype video, odds are highlights cut to a much older song would be more impactful.