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‘Workaholics’ Adam DeVine Talked to GQ About the Do’s and Don’ts of Pube Shaving

I get a lot of questions in my weekly mailbag about how Bro should groom his dick hair. Since I've grown sick of answering that

How Much Should a Bro Manscape? A Babe’s Point of View

There’s nothing like a freshly shaved scrotum. Unfortunately, some guys still believe it’s socially acceptable to let their nether regions look like an overgrown rainforest

PSA: Unless You’re Unhappy Having Testicles Don’t Use Hair Removal Cream On Your Junk

We get a lot of questions to the tune of "Should I, or shouldn't I, do something about the hair on my crotch?" The answer

Ask a Babe: Why Girls Flaunt Their Boobs, How Much Muscle is Too Much, and the Verdict on Manscaping

Editor's Note: After a brief hiatus, and with a new scribe (Fitz E Fresh) attached, our Ask a Babe column is back and will be