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Patrice Evra Scored a Goal and Gus Johnson Was Excited


Wayne Rooney Scored a Goal That Will Force You to Dwell on the Glaring Inadequacies in Your Life

It's better than anything you'll ever do.

Wayne Rooney Scored a Goal That Will Cure Any Hangover

Wayne Rooney's 150th career English Premier League goal was spectacular and important. It helped Manchester United overcome a two-goal deficit to Hull City in a

Here’s Wayne Rooney’s Super-Gross Forehead Gash

Manchester United star Wayne Rooney missed Sunday’s match against Liverpool after suffering a nasty forehead gash caused by a nasty collision with teammate Phil Jones

Manchester United Win Premier League Title, Robin van Persie Scores ‘Goal of the Century’

Manchester United clinched the 20th league title in the franchise’s history with a 3-0 victory this afternoon over Aston Villa. Robin van Persie, who was

Sergio Aguero Won the Manchester Derby With This Beauty

Sergio Aguero’s slick goal gave Manchester City a 2-1 victory over archrival Manchester United this afternoon at Old Trafford.

Demba Ba’s Magnificent Volley Was Delightful

Demba Ba knocked in a delightful ball from Juan Mata as Chelsea knocked Manchester United out of the FA Cup.

Real Madrid Eliminates Manchester United: The Goals and Controversial Call Everyone’s Talking About

Real Madrid scored two second half goals to eliminate Manchester United from the Champions League this afternoon at Old Trafford. To the highlights …

Today’s Manchester United-Swansea City Match May Have Featured an Attempted Murder

Swansea City’s Ashley Williams rocketed a ball off Manchester United star Robin van Persie’s head earlier today. Depending on who you believe, he could soon

Robin van Persie’s Picturesque Free-Kick Goal Won the Manchester Derby

Manchester United and Manchester City renewed hostilities yesterday in soccer’s biggest jamboree – and it didn’t disappoint.

Manchester City Wins Premier League on Sergio Aguero’s Last-Second Goal

The Barclays Premier League went down to the last minute of the last game. It came down to goal differential for the first

Manchester City Knocked Off Manchester United, Thanks to Vincent Kompany

Today’s Manchester derby was arguably the most hyped Premier League match in history. A ridiculous 650 million people were predicted to tune in.