In Today’s Mailbag: Three-Somes, Shark Attacks, and Big Foot


Last week’s nosedive into the abyss of randomness yielded some rather decent Ask a Bro questions.


I’m Done With Your Love-Sick Ask a Bro Questions, But I’ll Answer the Black Bear vs. Gorilla One


It’s been quite some time since I last opened the mighty mailbag and that is because everyone who writes in either has chick problems, wants to know if their Hollister shirt is Bro, or has a hankering to show us how hilarious they can be with some variation of “I’m not gay, but when I drink, my friends and I can’t help but to blow one another.


Waffles McButter Opens Up the Mailbag


[inline:waffles]This is the latest installment of Ask A Bro with Waffles McButter.

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