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Watch What Happens When A Magician Tries To Sell Weed To A Cop

Magic + Drugs = Fun!

The ‘Levitating Weiner’ Trick Is a Great Way to Torment Your Dog

This is a delight.

You’ll Never Guess The Stupid Stuff This Prankster Gets People To Do By Telling Them He’s A ‘Magician’

Spoiler: he's not actually a magician.

This Illusionist Will BLOW YOUR MIND Because He’ll Guess Your Card THROUGH YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN

I'm shitting bricks right now.

Guy Decides He’s Through Smoking Weed After A Nug Starts Magically Moving On His Table

You know you've got some potent weed when even the weed is tripping.

This Magician Will Blow Your Mind with His Incredible Dove Illusions

We’ve all seen weirdos doing campy magic tricks, busking their asses off for attention. But Canadian illusionist Darcy Oake  just […]

Dogs Reacting to Magic Tricks Is Just the Right Amount of Adorableness You Need in Your Life Right Now


David Blaine Performs Card Trick on Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, Changes Their Worlds Forever

Magician David Blaine has a special coming up on ABC in which he performs illusions for celebrities. This may not sound like compelling television to

BYU Bro Does Amazing Card Magic Trick That Involves Kissing College Chicks

YouTube magican Stuart Edge, a BYU student, has a crafty card trick that incorporates magic and kissing college girls. You dog, you. 

Atlanta’s Josh Smith Redefines Buzzer Beater with Game-Winning Dunk

We're jacking this one right from this morning's Hot Clicks (welcome back Jimmy!). It's the ending of last night's Magic-Hawks game in Atlanta. The video