Madden Ratings

Cooking Up The Special Sauce Of ‘How Madden Ratings Are Made’, How NFL Players Get Their Game Rating


Have you ever stopped to think about how NFL players are given their ratings in 'Madden NFL'.


Orlando Scandrick Used Onside Kicks, Trick Plays And Two-Point Conversions To Beat A Hospitalized Child In Madden


The Dallas Cowboys visited children's hospitals yesterday in order to give back to their community.

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Coolest College President Ever Challenges Entire School To Beat Him In ‘Madden 25′


The President of Missouri's 950-student Columbia College is way more of a badass than the president of your school.

Video games

I Can’t Stop Laughing at This ‘Madden 15′ Physics Engine Glitch


Sometimes EA gets things right, sometimes EA gets things very, very wrong.


The 12 most unstoppable ‘Madden’ players ever


If there's one thing that every single football fan usually agrees on, it's that Madden is awesome.

Madden rookie ratings

Jadeveon Clowney tops the Madden rookie ratings, Johnny Manziel left out in the cold


Unsurprisingly, Jadeveon Clowney topped the Madden rookie ratings with an overall score of 83, equaling that of offensive tackle Greg Robinson.

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