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Man’s Epic ‘Madden’ Freak-Out Shows How Absurd Sports Video Games Can Be

The struggle is oh so real.

The ‘Madden 15′ Gameplay Trailer Will Have You Struggling With Reality

Give me!

Here are the 2 Finalists for the Madden 15 Cover

Two enter, one will emerge.

Hey Gamers, the ‘Madden 15′ Teaser Trailer Is Here

It's almost time to pre-order.

Playing Madden in a Museum with Cam Newton and Michael Vick

Madden is without a doubt the most Bro video game franchise of all time. As a late 20-something, I've pretty much played every single variation of

Dude Perfect Perfectly Stereotypes People Who Play Madden

Dude Perfect is back with their latest stereotype video, this time people who play Madden are under their harsh, judgmental microscope.

High School Football Coach Explains Why His Team NEVER Punts and Only Kicks Onside Kicks

Kevin Kelley, the head ball coach at Pulaski Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas does not believe in punting and his kickoffs are always of the onside

Behold, the First Commercial for ‘Madden 25,’ Featuring Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch, and BEAST MODE

This afternoon EA Sports released the very first commercial for Madden 25. Finally, the origins of BEAST MODE have been revealed. It involves Marshawn Lynch

No, You Will Not Be Able to Play as Aaron Hernandez in ‘Madden’

In case you felt like lining up accused murderer/free agent Aaron Hernandez at tight end in this year's Madden 25, EA Sports has, wisely, made

EA Sports Releases Gameplay Trailer for ‘Madden 25’

Can you believe that Madden is 25 years old? That means EA's Madden NFL franchise is older than most of the readers of this site.

A Bunch of People Lost Their Sh*t When Barry Sanders Was Named to the Madden Cover

In a fan vote, Barry Sanders beat out league MVP Adrian Peterson to appear on the 2014 Madden cover. It was televised live on ESPN,

Move Over, Basements of America. EA Sports Explains to Us Why Video Games Are Now Social

Video games. The old stigma of sitting around in your parents' basement, snacking on endless trays of mozzarella sticks. For those moving stubbornly into adulthood,

Madden NFL 13 is Even Better When Played with Scantily Clad Girls

What makes playing the greatest football game ever even better? How about girls wearing Darren McFadden and Miles Austin's jerseys in ways never before thought

This New Ray Lewis Speech Will Make You Want to Run Through a Brick Wall

Just throwing the idea out there to see if it'll stick—make Ray Lewis a general in the U.S. Army?

And the Madden NFL 13 Cover Player is …

Drum roll, please …

Rob Gronkowski Really, Really Wants the Madden Cover

Rob Gronkowski has some time on his hands as he rehabs his ankle this offseason. He’s found a hobby to keep himself occupied.

MADDEN: Our New Favorite Football Announcer Calls a Ryan Grant Touchdown Rush

Listening to Joe Buck jibber jabber about the usual bullshit in a dreadfully dull monotone voice call last night's NLCS game made me realize how