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Madden 15 Simulation Predicts Epic Super Bowl, Patriots Win


For a many, many years the Super Bowl was an annual letdown.

madden 15

Ray Rice Has Also Been Indefinitely Suspended From ‘Madden 15′


The punishments just keep piling up for Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, as now he's been banned from being a character in Madden 15.

tiny titan

The Story of Tiny Titan, The Hilarious Glitch In ‘Madden 15,’ Now Has Its Own Trailer


Arguably the greatest Madden glitch of all time (I'm still going with the Madden Ambulance, but this is close), Tiny Titan, was so impressive in his debut in Madden 15 that EA Sports has now given him his own trailer telling his story.

Video game glitches

Here’s the best ‘Madden’ glitch since the ambulance drove on to the field maiming people


In the annual tradition surrounding the release of the newest Madden game we now have our first completely off-the-wall glitch for Madden 15.

Video games

I Can’t Stop Laughing at This ‘Madden 15′ Physics Engine Glitch


Sometimes EA gets things right, sometimes EA gets things very, very wrong.

madden 15 trailer

The new ‘Madden 15′ gameplay trailer is insanely realistic


I knew with E3 around the corner we knew we'd probably be getting a look at some actual gameplay video for Madden 15 soon, but I had no idea it'd look so spectacular.

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