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Macklemore’s Sidekick Ryan Lewis Asked Music Fans What They Thought About Ryan Lewis, Harsh Realities Ensue

No one knows who Ryan Lewis is. Not even Ryan Lewis.

Macklemore Dressed Up as a Jewish Caricature and Seth Rogen Ripped Him Apart on Twitter For It

Macklemore raided Mel Gibson's closet on Friday.

Macklemore Received Some Salmon-Colored Custom Jordans

Nice kicks.

Macklemore Just Posted the Most Insane Instagram Video of the Year

Today, Macklemore posted a video to Instagram espousing the virtues of men peeing correctly.

You’ll Never Believe What Was Named Billboard’s Hottest Rap Song Ever

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of its Hot Rap Songs chart, Billboard recently compiled a list of its top-100 chart-performing hip-hop songs.

Macklemore Wrote an Apology Text to Kendrick Lamar For Winning the Best Rap Album Grammy

Rap Twitter was predictably pissed last night when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' The Heist beat out Kendrick Lamar’s critically-acclaimed Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City for the best rap album. Forunately, Macklemore realizes how much of

The Kidz Bop Cover of ‘Thrift Shop’ Exists

Don’t judge me. This stupid song, which is all kinds of terrible, has been stuck in my head since its existence was brought to my

The Kidz Bop Version of Thrift Shop Will Cause You to Have BIG Opinions and HOT Takes

This has been making its way around the internet today, with most people calling it all sorts of heinous. Gotta say, I find to to

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Release ‘Stay At Home Dad’ On Fathers Day

The apple of the music industry's eye re-releases their 2010 ode to stay at home dads.

Clinton Sparks, Macklemore, and 2Chainz Strike Gold with Viral Video for ‘Gold Rush’

In case you somehow missed it, super Bro Clinton Sparks dropped a banger of a track last week, featuring Macklemore and 2Chainz rapping over a

Major Lazer Drops a High-Powered, Uptempo Remix of Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’

Big stuff from some big names. Major Lazer's style meshes quite nicely with the high-powered pace of the original. Sounds like a song you could

This Ridiculous Hip-Hop Dance to Macklemore’s ‘Can’t Hold Us’ Is All the Rage Right Now

Guillaume Lorentz is a French hip-hop dancer who took his talents to Japan. He rounded up a crew and for two minutes, put on a

Boring Marriage Proposal Averted When Couple Turns it Into ‘Thrift Shop’ Parody

Well, this is certainly something that happened.

Watch Nardwuar Conduct a Hilarious Interview with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

After watching around 50 Nardwuar interviews, I'm absolutely convinced that he's the Mike Wallace of our time. By using his own weirdness (and extensive research),

You’ll Never Guess the Weirdest Place Macklemore Says He ‘Spanked It’

Nope, not a Thift Shop.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Get a Record Deal, Featuring Paul Scheer as a Scumbag Record Exec

From now until infinity, I will always view every character Paul Scheer ever plays as Andre. Thanks, "The League." This Funny or Die sketch where

‘Game Shop,’ a Parody of Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’ About Video Games

My favorite parody of Macklemore's "Thift Shop" to date is still the self-explanatory "Pot Shop." BUT, this is a close second. IGN's "Game Shop" parody might

This Is a Supremely Dope Cover of Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’

Poppin' tags. 

‘Pot Shop’: A Parody of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop About Smoking the Chronic

Here's a brilliant stoner spoof of Macklemore's Thrift Shop by comedian Steve Berke. Just as the title suggests, it's all about blazin and smokin. Hey, is

Watch Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Hour-Long Concert at YouTube’s Office

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are dominating the music scene right now: "The Heist" continues to crush

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis Give an Illuminating Interview on ‘Music Talks,’ Talk About Thrift Shoppin’

More dope stuff from this rising musical duo. Here, on the set of "Music Talks," the two discuss everything from getting overly dolled up for

This Is a Pretty Cool Fifteen-Minute Documentary About Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Take a break from poppin' tags and learn a thing or two about this recent hip-hop success story. 

Here’s the XXL 2012 Freshman Cover

If you pay any attention to rap music, you know how over-hyped the XXL Freshman 10 cover is every year. Who will make it? Who

Macklemore Wants You to Have the Best Dance Party in the World

Macklemore is the next white rapper to don full costume for his latest music video, 'And We Danced'. This Seatlle-based emcee does NOT