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In Light of USC Star Josh Shaw’s Big Lie, Here Are the Biggest Lies You Tell/Told/Or Will Tell

The fish was this big.

Would You Rather Always Get Away With Lies OR Always Be Able to Tell When Someone is Lying?


You Drink More Than You Think

And you aren't honest about it.

How To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

My favorite lie I love to call people out on is when they say "just got your text!" No you didn't, asshole.

10 Things Millennials Are Incredibly Good at Lying About

Oftentimes, the demands of life require people to be good at stuff. But not everyone is good at stuff, so some people have to lie

Records Show Shoot-First Point Guard Skip Bayless Scored 21 Points His Senior Year of High School

Here’s a story that delights us to no end. ESPN carnival barker Skip Bayless recently recalled his glory days as a shoot-first point guard while