Pac Man

Some Genius Made a Pac-Man Game Using Luis Suarez


The Internet just being the Internet, doing Internet things, turning Luis Suarez into Pac-Man and shit.

Luis Suarez

I once got bit by an opponent during a basketball game


I skied for a rebound, grabbed the ball, came down with it.


McDonald’s Uruguay just killed Luis Suarez


Oh man, when you're getting trolled by Ronald freakin McDonald, you should just quit.

Luis Suarez bites

Luis Suarez goes Mike Tyson on Italy, bites opponent


Yet again it appears Luis Suarez has bitten off more than he can chew.


Luis Suarez Scored a Goal That Will Make You Question Your Very Existence


Liverpool star Luis Suarez scored one of the more visually appealing goals you’ll ever see early on in today’ s match against Norwich City.

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