les miles

Les Miles Explains The Meaning Of Columbus Day In Typical Les Miles Fashion


LSU football coach and Renaissance Man Les Miles is a keen observer of the human condition.


If You’ve Never Read The Famous ‘LSU Corn Dog Story’ You Can’t Call Yourself A Real College Football Fan

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Okay, so maybe 'not a real fan' is a bit of hyperbole, but if you're a fan of college football (especially an SEC fan) the famous 'LSU Corn Dog Story' is required reading.


Of Course LSU Fans Are Tailgating With A Beer Coffin


Of course LSU fans figured out how to turn a coffin into a massive cooler to fill with beers for tailgating.


Man Takes HILARIOUS Video Selfie While A Bunch Of LSU Frat Bros Fight In The Background


This video is blowing up on Reddit all morning and keeps cracking me up.

making out

VIDEO: College Couple Falls While Making Out In the Student Section At LSU Game


YouTube I think anyone who's ever sat in the student section of a college football game can tell you that sometimes the game on the field isn't the primary concern of all parties in attendance.

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