louisiana state university

LSU Building $85 Million L-S-U Shaped Lazy River On Campus, As School Considers Bankruptcy


WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL, if we wanted to cool off, we'd rocket water balloons at each other and target the girls in the white tank tops.

louisiana state university

Listen To A Former LSU Fraternity Pledge Reveal The Disgusting Hazing He Went Through During ‘Hell Week’

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Even though it’s widely condemned and seen as one of the worst things people are willing to go through in order to join a fraternity, I “get” hazing.

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This Girl In The Student Section At LSU Is So Trill That We Love Her


While you were out enjoying your Saturday night, LSU managed to pull off a win against Georgia in double overtime, 87-84.

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VINE: LSU Bro Gets KO’D After A Punch To The Face Outside A Bar


No idea what these two were fighting about, but LSU being LSU, it was probably something insanely trivial, like who's dad owns the bigger car dealership.

les miles

Les Miles Explains The Meaning Of Columbus Day In Typical Les Miles Fashion


LSU football coach and Renaissance Man Les Miles is a keen observer of the human condition.


If You’ve Never Read The Famous ‘LSU Corn Dog Story’ You Can’t Call Yourself A Real College Football Fan

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Okay, so maybe 'not a real fan' is a bit of hyperbole, but if you're a fan of college football (especially an SEC fan) the famous 'LSU Corn Dog Story' is required reading.


Of Course LSU Fans Are Tailgating With A Beer Coffin


Of course LSU fans figured out how to turn a coffin into a massive cooler to fill with beers for tailgating.


Man Takes HILARIOUS Video Selfie While A Bunch Of LSU Frat Bros Fight In The Background


This video is blowing up on Reddit all morning and keeps cracking me up.

making out

VIDEO: College Couple Falls While Making Out In the Student Section At LSU Game


YouTube I think anyone who's ever sat in the student section of a college football game can tell you that sometimes the game on the field isn't the primary concern of all parties in attendance.

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