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Four LSU Sigma Chi’s Were Arrested For Doing The DUMBEST Thing In Their Chapter House


Bar Patrons Yell ‘Roll Tide,’ One Sucker Punches Former LSU QB Zach Mettenberger in the Face

A bold move.

LSU Bro and Current PGA Tour Pro John Peterson Left Quite the Message to Chicks on a Bar Napkin

If your beauty was my driver...

Les Miles Tries to Hula Hoop and Sing Bob Seger, Is a Delightful Man

Les is more.

LSU Gymnast Is Crushin’ It With Hip-Hop Floor Routines, Getting Nothing But Perfect 10s

I hate gymnastics, but this is one of the most badass things I've ever watched. No wonder this girl is getting perfect 10s galore.

So Is This Hot Adult Film Star an LSU Sorority Girl Or Not?

This story is twisted but here’s what we know so far — a very hot girl claiming to be in college was in an adult

I’m Shmacked Heads to LSU, Parties With the Baddest College Babes on the Planet

How can you not love this? LSU girls are truly the baddest girls in the SEC. 

Allow Les Miles and the LSU Football Team to Fill Your Stocking With Cheer

SEC holiday cheer > all the rest, PAWWWWWL.

Here’s the Daylight Saban Time Shirt You Didn’t Know You Needed

Uhh, this doesn’t make a ton of sense but such is life in the SEC.

LSU Kicker Boots Most Impressive Extra Point You’ll Ever See

We don’t normally applaud kickers for booting extra points because they’re quite easy. But what LSU’s Colby Delahoussaye did yesterday against Texas A&M was downright

LSU Has Camo ‘Duck Dynasty’ Helmets and They’re F*cking Epic

LSU-Alabama is ALWAYS one of my favorite games of the season. So many storylines: Will the mighty and lovable Les Miles prevail over evil Nick Saban? Can

The Ole Miss Party Girl Partied With LSU Fans

The Ole Miss party girl is right in the meaty part of her 15 minutes of fame. As such, she went glad-handing at The Grove

LSU Fraternity Apologizes for Offensive Kent State Sign

Important update to this story about Delta Kappa Epsilon's offensive sign at LSU about the Kent State massacre. They apologized: 

LSU Bro Tackles His Friend Through a Beer Pong Table, Innocent Girl Goes Down as Well

Perfectly good, LSU football field beer pong table DESTROYED. 

LSU Fraternity Taunts Kent State with an Offensive Sign About the Kent State Massacre

LSU's football team handily defeated Kent State at Tiger Stadium yesterday, 45-13. Off the field, however, the brothers of LSU's Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity thought it

This is the Most Exciting Inside-the-Park Home Run You’ll Ever See

You won’t. Not even in a video game.

Les Miles Leads LSU Football Team in Groundbreaking ‘Harlem Shake’ Dance Thing

Up next: Les Miles and the LSU football team do the Macarena.

LSU Coach Les Miles Reportedly Has Offer to Coach Arkansas, All Hell is Breaking Loose

Les Miles, the trick-play-loving, grass-munching mastermind behind LSU’s recent spate of success, reportedly has a monster offer on the table to jump ship to Arkansas.

This LSU-Themed Lamborghini Is Hot Fire

We should all aspire to one day have so much money that we can destroy a perfectly good car... Although back in the 1980s this

LSU’s Jarvis Landry Made a Silly One-Handed Catch

This game was on in the background of a family get-together yesterday and when this happened I yelled, “SWEET GOD OF BONING, WHAT A CATCH.”

I’m Shmacked x Louisiana State University, Alabama Week

Well, Alabama beat LSU. But that doesn't mean the dudes from I'm Shmacked didn't have a good time down in Baton Rouge during one of

This LSU-Alabama Hype Video Will Make You Pretty Excited for Saturday

Top-ranked Alabama travels to Baton Rouge to play LSU on Saturday in a rematch of last season’s national title game. Although the Tigers have a

What Do You Think of South Carolina’s New Gray Camo Uniforms?

South Carolina football is riding high. The Gamecocks have thrust their will all over opponents this season, and sit at No. 3 in the Associated

Bomb Threat Evacuates LSU Campus

Details are scarce right now, but a bomb threat has caused an evacuation of the entire LSU campus.

Report: Tyrann Mathieu is in Drug Rehab

Former LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu has been in a drug rehabilitation center since Monday, according to a report from a New Orleans television station. Mathieu, who

‘Honey Badger’ Tyrann Mathieu Kicked Off LSU Team

Huge news out of Baton Rouge today: The cornerback they called the Honey Badger will have to take what he wants elsewhere next year. Tyrann

Who Will Win the BCS Championship Game: LSU or Alabama?

LSU vs. Alabama tonight from New Orleans (8:30 p.m. ET kickoff on ESPN): Who you got? Sound Off in the comments...

High School All-American P*sses His Mother Off with His School Choice During His ‘Decision’ on ESPN

The country's top high school safety, Landon Collins, could give two sh*ts about his mother's opinion of which school he should "take his talents" to.

Les Miles Doesn’t Take Any Sh*t From Alabama Hecklers at the Heisman Trophy Ceremony

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why Les Miles is America's most loveable college football coach. While entering the Heisman Trophy Ceremony in New

The ‘LSU Championship Bounce’ Is Your College Football Rap Video Du Jour

The folks down in Baton Rouge were busy this weekend cutting a celebratory rap video commemorating the Tigers' march to college football's BCS

Watch a GoPro POV of an LSU Cheerleader In Action

So... you wanna know what an LSU female cheerleader sees on Game Day? One member of the squad wore a GoPro for the

LSU Made a Rebuttal Song to Counter UGA’s Harsh Burn

This LSU/UGA beef is heating up. In fact, I haven't seen a feud this hostile since Wilfred Brimley and Quaker Oats took on

We Don’t Need to See an LSU/Alabama Rematch for the National Title

The two highest ranked teams in the country battled it out this past Saturday night in Tuscaloosa in what was billed as "the game of

Check Out This Alabama-LSU Tailgate Brawl

Here's a SEC fan brawl from this past Saturday's action down in T-Town. Pay extra special attention to the guy in the grey

College Football Pigskin Pick’Em: Week 10

The day of reckoning is almost here.  After two weeks of buildup and months of anticipating the possible matchup, the college football junkies are getting

Enough With All This ‘Game of the Century’ Nonsense for LSU-‘Bama, Amirite?

Earlier this afternoon I Tweeted this about Saturday's LSU vs. Alabama game: "It's not the Game of the Century. Just stop already." In response, I

Bud Ice-Drinking Alabama ‘Super Cracker’ All Sorts of Jacked Up for ‘Bama-LSU

This morning our friends at Busted Coverage put this epic rant from "MegaSkeet420" on our radar. He's a passionate, Bud Ice-drinking Alabama super

The Tailgate Tour Finally Gets a Home Win as LSU Rolls Over Auburn

This weekend the Tailgate Tour Crew rolled into Baton Rouge, La., to experience all that LSU and Death Valley had to offer. Not to

We’re Tailgating Right Now in the Parade Grounds at LSU!

Our Tailgate Tour hits LSU today as we party with all the Tigers and Tigerettes on the Parade Grounds, right near the Clocktower! If you're

Watch a LSU Fan Grandma Do a Keg Stand While Tailgating

Watch out, University of Michigan's ULTRA shot-gunning grannies! There's a new tailgating grandma on the block, but this one is reppin' the purple