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Wanna Experience LSD This Morning? Watch This Video

This is pretty accurate, speaking NOT from experience.

Hey, Good News! LSD Might Be Good For You

LSD has been showing to reduce anxiety in test subjects.

If You Want to Know What Dropping Acid Is Like, Just Watch This GIF

This GIF perfectly sums up an acid trip.

On This Day 43 Years Ago, Dock Ellis Threw a No-Hitter on LSD (Video)

This is my favorite Internet video of all time, so I thought I would share it. 43 years ago to the date, Pittsburgh Pirates' pitcher

University of Florida Bro Trips on LSD, Claims to Be God, Asks Police to Chop His Penis Off

Best. Night. Ever. 

Shia LaBeouf Prepared for Upcoming Role by Dropping Acid

Uneven Steven Shia LaBeouf, whose lately had his Eagle Eye on the various Holes in the Wall Street-esque studio system, has Transformered into a whole

$1 Million LSD Ring Busted at Drexel University

This might be a little bit of a set back for the EDM scene in Philly...

What Happens When You Give Soldiers LSD?

 Find out after the jump.