10 Surefire Signs A Girl Is Into You


What are the signs she is into you.


You Want To Watch A Thirsty R2-D2 Try To Get Laid? Ya, Ya You Do


If you knock on enough doors, someone's going to let you in.

first dates

5 First Date Spots To Avoid At All Costs


Avoid these terrible ideas for a first date.

truth or drink

Couples Play ‘Truth Or Drink,’ Reveal They Banged In A Chicken Coop


The good folks over at Cut Video had eight couples (including the director’s grandparents) play a loving game of "Truth or Drink.


Why I Would Fail The ’36 Questions That Can Make Strangers Fall In Love With Each Other’ Test Every Time


If you have as little to do at work as I do and therefore aimlessly browse the Internet in your spare time, you may have come across the article going around about the 36 questions that can make strangers fall in love with each other.


Is It Possible To Get Better At Sex?


When dealing with questions such as these, the only way to find a real answer is by using all of the statistical nonsense we slept through freshman year.

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