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Midwest Region Breakdown: Wichita State Gets to Run the Gauntlet

Pitino FTW.

University of Louisville Football Recruit Arrested for Impregnating 14-Year-Old Cousin

Oops. Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammad, a linebacker out of Fort Pierce Central High School, was on his way to Louisville to play […]

Louisville-Themed Lawn Proves Some People Care Too Much

Can you imagine living next to this asshole? Can you imagine living next to this asshole if you were a Kentucky fan? Would drive a

Papa John Is Allegedly a Big Drinking Lightweight

Yesterday BroBible "broke" the photo of Papa John's founder, CEO, and spokesperson John Schnatter after Lousisville's National Championship win. Now that the photo has gone

Papa John Seemed to Enjoy Himself at the National Championship Game

Fun fact: Papa John's Pizza is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. A BroBible tipster sent us this amazing photo of Papa John's founder, CEO, and spokesperson

If You Went to Bed Before ‘One Shining Moment,’ Here’s What You Missed

That’s a wrap, Bros and Broettes. Hope you enjoyed this year’s NCAA Tournament.

Our Final Four Predictions Will Shock and Amaze

Four enter. One will emerge victorious. 

Louisville Players Surprised Kevin Ware with the Midwest Region Trophy in His Hospital Room

Yesterday's brutal, gruesome injury suffered by Kevin Ware ended up overshadowing the game itself. After the sophomore went down with 6:33 left on the clock

March Madness Midwest Region Breakdown: Is Louisville Deserving of the Top Overall Seed?

Louisville started the season with great expectations, but they lost Gorgui Dieng to a wrist injury and then lost to Duke in the final of

Bill Clinton Wandered into Louisville’s Locker Room at Madison Square Garden, And it Was Awesome

Bill Clinton continued his impressive victory tour tonight at Madison Square Garden where he dropped into the Louisville Cardinals locker room after their win over

Celebrate Kentucky Basketball by Buying this Mummified Cat Dunking a Mummified Bird

The fan bases involved in the Kentucky-Louisville rivalry seem to have a hard time keeping it in proper prospective. Remember the two jabronies that brawled

‘Agent,’ ‘Benjamins,’ ‘Beer Bong’ and Other Phrases College Athletes Can’t Say on Twitter

If you're a college athlete at Louisville or Kentucky, odds are your Twitter account is being heavily screened. 

Final Four Preview: Who Flames Out When Things Heats Up in The Big Easy?

It's only fitting that the best possible Final Four venue gets paired with two of the best Final Four games in recent history. Word is

Adidas Reveals New March Madness Uniforms for Baylor, Cincinnati and Louisville

Baylor, Cincinnati and Louisville will all be wearing new uniforms during their respective conference tournaments and in the Big Dance, Adidas announced today. The