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Louis CK Became the First Person to Say ‘Sucks Balls’ on Letterman

Which is why we love him.

A Supercut of Louis CK Talking About Dicks? Sure, Why Not

This is essential afternoon viewing.

Louis C.K.’s SNL Promos with Kenan Thompson are ______?

We can't decided if these are good or complete shit. So you tell us.

Louis C.K. Explains Why His Girls Can’t Have Cell Phones and How Gwyenth Paltrow Shot Him Down

Ten-minutes well-spent right here, Bros. I could listen to Louis C.K. spew out his thoughts -- regardless of the topic -- all day. Below is

Louis C.K. Found a Dead Body Floating in the Water Off of Manhattan

CBS slow-rolled us with this video by not releasing it at the same time as yesterday's video from Louis' visit to The Late Show, because

Andrew Dice Clay Left the Most Andrew Dice Clay Voicemail on Louis C.K.‘s Phone

Last night, Louis C.K. was on The Late Show with David Letterman promoting his latest film Blue Jasmine. One of his co-stars in that movie

Check Out the Trailer for ‘Blue Jasmine,’ with Alec Baldwin, Louis C.K., and Andrew Dice Clay

If you're a pop-culture minded Bro, this probably has been on your radar for quite sometime now. Woody Allen's annual release, Blue Jasmine, hits the silver

Louis C.K. Was His Hilarious Self on ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

Louis C.K.'s humor is like his wardrobe: consistent. Last night, America's #1 comedian was on The Daily Show to plug his new movie Blue Jasmine,

This Animated Short of a Classic Louis CK Bit Is Hilarious

Deep into his "Live at the Beacon Theater" special, Louis CK riffs on one of his favorite subjects: Humanity, and how generally awful and selfish we

Here Are the 11 Highest Paid Standup Comedians of 2013

Comedians often say that stand-up comedy isn't about the money. Which is a statement you can definitely trust, given that comedians tell jokes for a

Louis C.K. Has Strong Feelings About Your Stupid Facebook Posts

Most of those thoughts, from his recent special Oh My God, consist of him thinking your Facebook posts/you are stupid. Some YouTuber recently upload a

Watch Louis C.K. Destroy a Heckler During a Recent Set

One of the best scenes in "Louie's" first season takes place during a set at the Comedy Cellar. Louie's interrupted several times by a loud,

Watch the Trailer for Louis C.K.‘s New HBO Stand-Up Special, ‘Oh My God’

Finally, HBO has released the first trailer for Louis C.K.'s hour-long special, "Oh My God." Debuts on HBO on April 13, 2013 at 10 p.m.

Here Are Samples of All the Comedy Albums Nominated for the ‘Best Comedy Album’ Grammy Award

This Sunday, the cultural tastemakers at the Grammys will reveal to society what the best comedy album of 2012 was. While it'll certainly be tough

Louis CK Is the Funniest Person “Right Now,” According to Rolling Stone’s Top 50 List

No surprises here. Rolling Stone has released one of those totally crucial and important lists, and the always quotable (and scarily insightful) Louie CK is

When the Worlds of Charlie Brown and Louis C.K. Meet, Everyone Wins

Come to think of it, Louis C.K. and Charlie Brown are remarkably similar. Both are sad sacks who can’t seem to find happiness in the

Watch Louis C.K.‘s Promos for His SNL Hosting Gig

Let's see: A massive hurricane, Halloween, and an election in one week. I don't think Louis C.K. and the SNL cast will be wanting for

Louis C.K. Is the Man—Even When Announcing Canceled Shows

Louis CK kicked off his Fall tour last week in New York with all-new material. A few of us were lucky to go, and we

10 Insane Things You Didn’t Know About Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. has set himself apart as a standout of the comedy world. His uncompromising originality and honesty have made him a comedian's comedian. He

FX Is Postponing ‘Louie’ Until 2014, But It’s Actually All Not That Bad

Bad news first--we won't get to watch a new episode of 'Louie' for about 20 months. But there is a bright side. 

‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Mad Men,’ Louis C.K. Receive Emmy Nominations

The Emmy nominees were announced this morning, with "Mad Men" and "American Horror Story" leading the pack with 17 nominations each. "Mad Men," which has

Bro of the Week is Full of Unibrows and The Best Comedian Alive

Each week, I, Reggie Noble, put forth nominees for the Bro of the Week, an honor bestowed upon the Bro who best goes above and

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Celebrities Read Their Hate Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel

Twitter has given fans and haters unprecedented access to celebrities. Think about if you wanted to tell Frank Sinatra that his 1959 album