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Last Night’s “Louie” Devoted an Incredible Amount of Time to Discussing Fat Chicks

This happened.

Louis C.K. Told a Story About the Time He Thought Jimmy Fallon Was Dead

Some dark humor.

Yvonne Strahovski Stripped Down to Her Bra and Panties For Louis C.K. on ‘Louie’ (And Then Made Out With Him)

Only Louis C.K. could wow us with a storyline involving the beautiful Yvonne Strahovski as the bombshell model daughter of an astronaut/billionaire.

Louis C.K. Went On an Amazing Twitter Rant About How Much Math Homework Sucks

Louis C.K. is right: Everything about math homework sucks.

Watch This Louis C.K. SNL Sketch That Was Too Bizarre for Saturday’s Show

This sketch from Saturday's show, which featured a lot of incredible sketches and a hilarious opening monologue, was left for dead on the dress rehearsal

Louis C.K. Delivered a Hilarious, Brutal Opening Monologue on ‘SNL’ Last Night

"Women have a rough time. It was so okay to beat your wife until recently, we have a kind of shirt named after it!"

Bradley Cooper Makes Louis C.K. Look Like a Huge Idiot, Which I Didn’t Even Think Was Possible

To write on the Internet for a living, I feel like it's practically in the job description to worship the very hallowed ground Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. Talked His Newly Released Movie on ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

(Autoplay alert.)  Louis C.K. is making the late-night rounds this week, and since we're a website that exists on the Internet we are obligated by the

Louis C.K. Hilariously Describes the Level of Fame He Never Wants to Reach

Louis C.K. returned to Letterman last night and talked about going to China to film an episode of Louie, his first bad film role, and the

Watch the Trailer for Louis C.K.‘s Previously Unreleased Movie

On the Tonight Show Monday night, Louis C.K. announced that he'd soon be releasing a previously little-seen movie of his, Tomorrow Night, on his website

Louis C.K. Hilariously Revealed the Secret to Being in Love on ‘The Tonight Show’

It's a weird quirk, but even though Jay Leno will be widely loathed until his retirement, he gives the absolute best interviews with Louis C.K. Maybe it's because

Louis C.K. and Jerry Seinfeld Hang Out on a Boat in New Season of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

A cool, unexpected byproduct of Louis C.K.'s recent success is that you feel like you've helped him get there. This is true in a traditional sense—you supported

Louis C.K. and Jerry Seinfeld Discuss the Gettysburg Address

Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns has a new website called Learn the Address which encourages people to film themselves saying Abraham Lincoln’s famous words. Before you

Louis C.K. Tells David Letterman About His ‘F*ck You Letterman’ Scene

BroBible hero Louis C.K. was on The Late Show last night to promote his upcoming HBO special, "Oh My God." A few of the highlights include

Watch Louis C.K. Destroy a Heckler During a Recent Set

One of the best scenes in "Louie's" first season takes place during a set at the Comedy Cellar. Louie's interrupted several times by a loud,

Watch the Trailer for Louis C.K.‘s New HBO Stand-Up Special, ‘Oh My God’

Finally, HBO has released the first trailer for Louis C.K.'s hour-long special, "Oh My God." Debuts on HBO on April 13, 2013 at 10 p.m.

Hey Ya’ll: Louis C.K. Once Had Sex with a Girl from Oklahoma

In fact, he considers it his greatest life achievement. 

Louie Is Lincoln: Our 8 Favorite Moments from Louis C.K. Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

No one knows how to rise to an occasion quite like "Saturday Night Live." Going into the show, we knew there would be comedy magic

Here’s the E-mail Louis C.K. Sent His Fans About New York City Before Hosting SNL Last Night

We'll have a full recap of Louis C.K.'s hosting sint on "Saturday Night Live" here in a few moments, but just wanted to draw your

Louis C.K. Tells Jimmy Fallon About How Hurricane Sandy Destroyed his Boat

There couldn't possibly be more hype for this week's episode of "Saturday Night Live." Jokes about Tuesday's Presidential Election! Jokes about New York City being

Watch Louis C.K.‘s Promos for His SNL Hosting Gig

Let's see: A massive hurricane, Halloween, and an election in one week. I don't think Louis C.K. and the SNL cast will be wanting for

Louis C.K. Is the Man—Even When Announcing Canceled Shows

Louis CK kicked off his Fall tour last week in New York with all-new material. A few of us were lucky to go, and we

Tony Hawk Interviews Louis C.K. and Well, Just Watch….

You know what's dope? Andy Green's look at 10 Insane Things You Didn’t Know About Louis C.K. You know what else? Tony Hawk just chillin' all

Read Louis C.K.‘s Moving Email About Breast Cancer Survivor Tig Notaro

Back in August, comedian Tig Notaro publically announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after splitting with her longtime girlfriend and losing her

Louis C.K. Has No Game: The Supercut

TRUTH: Louie C.K. is a genius comedian adored by the masses. TRUTH: Louie C.K. seems like a good dad. TRUTH: Louie C.K. -- at least

Louis C.K. On What He Would Do with $85 Billion

A little old, but this unearthed gem is classic Louis C.K. What would I do with 85 billion dollars? Open an In-N-Out Burger/Chick-fil-A combo under the

Louis C.K. to Jon Stewart: ‘Stereotypically Speaking, Feminists Can’t Take a Joke’

Louis C.K. appeared on the “Daily Show” last night to discuss his show and this Tweet, which opened up a whole can of worms last week.

70 Classic Quotes, Observations, and Words of Wisdom from Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. is a lot of things. First and foremost, he's a brilliant comedian who's revolutionizing show business in front of our very eyes. Secondly,

Louis C.K.‘s Interview with Jimmy Kimmel Was Also Awesome

It's Louis C.K. week here at BroBible, so we just have to show you his interview with Jimmy Kimmel last night. Yesterday was a pretty