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SNL: Louis C.K. Did A Brutally Honest Monologue About Racism, The Middle East And Pedophilia That Made People Livid

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People ask you to be honest, but when you are honest those same people will be shocked or outraged by said honesty that they requested.


Remembering the Time Louis C.K. Tried to Have Sex with Joan Rivers


The news of Joan Rivers' death is a pretty big bummer, especially for those who have followed her nearly 50-year career in the comedy world.

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Louis C.K. tests his darkest material on his kids


  No topic is off limits in the comedic mind of Louis C.


Watch This Louis C.K. SNL Sketch That Was Too Bizarre for Saturday’s Show


This sketch from Saturday's show, which featured a lot of incredible sketches and a hilarious opening monologue, was left for dead on the dress rehearsal floor.

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