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You’re About To Get a Lot More Louis CK on Your Television

Which is a good thing. Because Louis CK is the best person in show business right now. 

Check Every ‘Louie’ Standup Bit in One Pretty Damn Awesome Video

Louis CK's FX show Louie, probably the thing that helped solidify his status as the current comedy king, is arguably much more a drama than a

Here Are the First Clips of Louis CK’s New Standup Special, Plus Bonus Commentary

For the man who needs no introduction. Or, just one that doesn't directly mention his name. 

Louie Is Lincoln: Our 8 Favorite Moments from Louis C.K. Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’

No one knows how to rise to an occasion quite like "Saturday Night Live." Going into the show, we knew there would be comedy magic

Louis C.K. to Jon Stewart: ‘Stereotypically Speaking, Feminists Can’t Take a Joke’

Louis C.K. appeared on the “Daily Show” last night to discuss his show and this Tweet, which opened up a whole can of worms


70 Classic Quotes, Observations, and Words of Wisdom from Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. is a lot of things. First and foremost, he's a brilliant comedian who's revolutionizing show business in front of our very eyes. Secondly,

Watch Louis C.K.‘s Hilarious 10-Minute Interview with Jay Leno

"Hilarious" is an adjective that never belongs in the same sentence as the proper noun "Jay Leno." Except when Louie C.K. is his guest. The

Louis C.K.‘s Tribute to George Carlin Is a Must-Watch

If you're the type of armchair critic who likes to b*tch and moan about the state of modern scripted television, I have no

Louis C.K. is in Favor of Roving Packs of Lions Eating Dumb People

Louis C.K. continues to be the smartest and funniest comic that there is today. Lately he is known for his uproariously hilarious show,

More Awesome Footage of Louie C.K. Doing Stand-Up in the Early ‘90s

Are you watching "Louie" on FX? You should be. It's refreshingly smart, dark, and makes you hate getting older. Yet, somehow through it's