If You Play The Lottery You’re No Different Than A Chimp, Says Science


According to a recent study conducted at Duke University, if you play the lottery (Powerball, Mega Millions, etc) then you're basically a primate.


This Guy Won $500K On A Lotto Scratch-Off. Just Kidding! The Tickets Were Misprints And He Got Jack Shit.


John Wines, 65, of New Mexico bought a $20 scratch off ticket at a gas station on December 6.


Watch As John Oliver Absolutely Eviscerates The Lottery And Anyone Who Plays It


I've been known to play the lottery from time-to-time under the guise of 'well, at least it's going to education,' and holy crap do I feel stupid right about now.


The 12 Stages of Playing the Lottery


Like the rest of you morons, I donated to the Human Stupidity Fund by purchasing a Powerball ticket in advance of Saturday’s near-record prize.


Please Stop Sharing That Fake Picture of the Winning Powerball Ticket on Facebook


There's a pretty good chance that you've seen the picture above by now.


Here’s Video of One of the Powerball Winners Realizing He Just Won Nearly $300 Million


What you're about to see is footage taken at a gas station in Upper Marlboro, Maryland that captures the moment a construction worker realizes he's worth nearly $300 million.


What Would You Do if You Win Tonight’s Powerball Lottery?


Tonight’s Powerball jackpot is worth more than $500 million.

lottery winners

Watch a Guy Win a $250,000 Lottery Scratch-Off Ticket Live on TV


This story is as nice as the audio for the first five seconds of the video is bad.

why we play the lottery

Why it’s dumb to play the lottery but we do it anyway


We all know the odds are greater that you will be eaten by a shark who will then be struck by lightning who will then be hit by a car than you will win the lottery.

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