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Punk Ass Justin Bieber Did an Ice Bucket Challenge Without Any Ice

What a loser.

This Study Says The ‘Cool’ Kids In High School Are More Likely To Be Losers In Their 20′s

Regina George would be a homeless crack addict according to this.

Kobe Bryant Won’t Talk to Anyone on the Lakers Because They All Suck


Ranking The 13 Worst Winners in Sports

Sore losers are bad. But sore winners are even worse.

Some Saint Made a Dating Site for CrossFitters to (Hopefully) Remove Them from the Dating Pool

XFitDate is the dating site for people who share a mutual interest in CrossFit.

7 Signs Your Friends Are Losers

Presenting a litmus for knowing whether or not your friends are losers.  Heyyy! LIKE BroBible on Facebook here.