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Someone Paid $102 Million In CASH for a 50,000-Square-Foot Mansion in Los Angeles

Cash is king, bitches. The 50,000-square-foot "Fleur de Lys" estate has 12 bedrooms on 5 acres of land.

Dude In Los Angeles Does Balloons of Nitrus Before Getting Busted By the Cops

Holy hippy crack! I didn't know the San Fernando Valley was the parking lot at Camp Bisco or something.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Mock Everyone in LA Freaking Out About The Recent ‘Arctic Freeze’

Arctic Freeze as in, a high of 55. 

Get Ready For Tonight’s X Games With This Awesome Video Compilation

The 18th installment of the Summer X Games kicks off tonight in Los Angeles. The holy grail of action sports, the X Games has been

This is What the NFL in Los Angeles Would Look Like

The nation’s second-largest market is without an NFL franchise. As you’d imagine, there are many who see that as a problem. Farmers Field

Los Angeles: Super Mash Bros. at The Music Box adds Dirt Nasty and Destructo

Super Mash Bros. are playing The Music Box in Hollywood on April 7th and they've just added Dirty Nasty and Destructo to the bill. You're

Nekked Man Climbs Radio Tower, Comes Down for McDonald’s Hamburgers

Any news story that begins "police were able to lure a nekked man" is usually pretty good. No exception here.  The 45-year-old man gave no

Watch the Clippers Nail Four Straight Three-Pointers Against the Thunder

Wait, I'm confused: Is this a real basketball game or is this NBA Jam? During Monday's game against the Thunder, the Clippers managed

The Most Hypnotic Late-Night Los Angeles Time Lapse You’ll See This Week

As you might know by now, we're suckers for a great time lapse video. There's at least a gazillion time lapse videos about Gotham, with

Oh, Hey Mark Cuban, Thanks for Reading BroBible!

Last night, while slamming beers at a dive bar in West Hollywood, BroBible team member and collector of nicknames AlwaysBeChaying (a.k.a "Burrito" a.k.a. "Baby Rhino"